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Image by Pieter Musterd - The Carpet Beetle (one way to recycle carpet)

Image by Pieter Musterd - The Carpet Beetle (one way to recycle carpet)

Did you know that we have two really well-known and respected flooring companies based out of Georgia that are leaders in flooring and sustainability?

Interface – I think we may need to contact Interface to see if they support a donation to the Denney Tower project?  Interface has been green as long as I can think back, they were on board early in the game.

Shaw – Maybe even contact Shaw. 

Mohawk– Carpet

I’m really excited that these are in Georgia, I had no idea being new to the area!  Wait…there are many more check out what the CRI has listed as Green Label product, and you’ll see how many companies are based out of Georgia: CRI Green Label Carpet . And CRI is based out of GEORGIA!  Wow, this is so exciting!


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2 Responses

  1. Kimberly Key says:

    Interface is a great company! We worked with Interface at the company I interned with last semester. I sat in on a meeting with the rep from that company as he explained how the sustainability of Interface works… it seems like they are really on to something. I have a folder with all the information on Interface and I think I may even have the rep’s contact information. I tried to find it to reference it for my comment on last week’s blog but I wasn’t able to put my hands on it. I will continue to look for it.

  2. Megan says:


    I agree that they are a good company, and they’ve had a great reputation for years. I’d love to hear about your internship, maybe you can tell us in class more about the meeting you sat in on? That would be great if we have a contact there for possibly considering contacting them for materials for Denney, let me know if you find that info.

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