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LEED Seminar Series at UGA

Email below is from the Athens EGB (Environmental Green Building) that is hosting a wonderful LEED lecture series right here on the UGA campus.  For those of you interested in LEED this would be a seminar series to NOT MISS!

“Hello everyone,

Many of you at EGB have been working hard to put together a LEED Seminar Series this semester. The effort has paid off. EGB Athens will be hosting a LEED lecture series starting next Wednesday, February 4th. The purpose of this series is to familiarize attendees with the LEED  for New Construction rating process, and help prepare them for taking the LEED AP Exam.
Schedule and Cost are listed below:
                                                              LEED Seminar Series Schedule
February 4th: Introduction to LEED & Sustainable Sites Credits 1-4: Jacob Halcomb, LEED AP–SSRCX, a LEED Consulting firm will be our opening guest lecturer
February 11th: Sustainable Sites Credits 5-8: Prof. Alfie Vick, LEED AP–University of Georgia School of Environmental Design, USGBC GA Board Member
February 18th: Indoor Environmental Quality: Beth Studley, LEED AP–past USGBC Atlanta Chair, Vice President at Holder Construction Company
Tuesday February 24: Water Efficiency: Roger Grant, LEED AP–Columbia Engineering, UGA BLA Graduate
March 4th: Materials & Resources: Matt Vyverberg–LEED AP, Smith Dalia Architects
March 18th: Energy & Atmosphere: Tom Lawrence, LEED AP–UGA Public Service Associate, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
*seminars are scheduled from  7:00pm  to 8:00pm in Caldwell 501/502
Students – free with EGB membership ($25)
Students- nonmembers $25
Young professionals, EGB or USGBC members – $50
Professionals, non members – $75
*Cost is for entire lecture series. Study guides/materials will NOT be provided. Attendees must purchase these on their own accord.
To become a EGB you can either get a $25 check to Kate Austin or Alfie Vick (email Kate if you need to meet up with her:
You can go to Click on “membership” (top of the screen), then click on “how to join” and follow the directions.
Finally, if you know of anyone who might be interested in this series but is not a member of EGB, let them know.
Ben & Kate”


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2 Responses

  1. Sara McCullough says:

    I just became a member and am going to these seminars!! Is anyone else going?

  2. Megan says:

    I wasn’t able to attend but I’m excited to hear about how the seminar went!

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