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The Green Globes is an interactive rating system developed by the Green Building Institute. After completing an online checklist, if you score 35% or higher (out of 1000 points), you can get a third-party assessment in order to receive certification. It is used for new and existing construction and, from what I can tell, is mainly a commercial rating system. It rates buildings in several different areas including: Energy, Indoor Environment, Site, Water, Resources, Emissions, and Project/Environmental Management. My question is…is this legit? If so, how is it different from LEED and which rating system would be appropriate in what situation?



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  1. Megan says:

    This is a great post and brings to the surface LEED’s main certification competition. Green Globes is a recgonized building certification system that is based from the Canadian equivalent of LEED. It has been introduced in the USA to provide competition to LEED. My assessment of Green Globes is that it offers points on LCA (life cycle assessment) as part of the certification process, see LCA info here Whereas, LEED doesn’t assess the LCA like GG. Then there are other areas that you can compare GG to LEED – One concern with GG is how the points are set up that you gain points based on what you have, whereas LEED has those pre-reqs to make sure you get certain things done.

    Here is a great article on GG versus LEED

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