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“Here is an interesting twist on sustainability… A few months back, Shaw introduced a “prison wood” line of Anderson flooring. It meets the usual criteria we look for in sustainable products (such as recycled content and responsible manufacturing), but there is also a story about the people behind its creation. The wood is hand crafted by inmates at a correctional institution in South Carolina, near Anderson’s headquarters. It is a voluntary job that pays above minimum wage; it helps inmates build skills and a work ethic; and it prepares them for re-entry into society. In return, Shaw/Anderson is able to deliver a beautiful, high quality product. It’s sustainable on all dimensions—a generative workforce using recycled product to create a distressed wood that designers love.” They are using this in the new Hotel Indigo that’s being built in downtown Athens. I e-mailed the PR person for the hotel to find out more about what exactly they are implementing in order to achieve a LEED GOLD rating, but didn’t get a straight answer. She did, however, direct me to their blog which is where this information came from. After doing a little investigating, I found a really interesting article about the wood and how if effects the lives of the prisoners.

Also, if you want to find out more about Hotel Indigo’s building process, check out their blog.


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  1. Megan says:

    Wow – This is a great post. I had no idea that Shaw did this and I’m so pleased that they are showing the work. It is such an important aspect of being socially sustainable.

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