Sustainable You

Sustainability and the Built Environment

FI Grads

To all you FI Grads – Heather has started a wonderful thing for you below:


Designers have much to teach the world. Of all people, designers understand that there is never only one right way to design anything. Searching for new solutions, creatively adapting what we know into what we need and solving problems are what designers do. Perhaps then, we as designers need to expand our vision to include sustainability and start showing ordinary people how to look at the world from a green design point of view. (Daniel Quinn, p.2)

From: Foster, K., Stelmack, A., & Hindman, D. (2007). Sustainable residential interiors. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley & Sons, Inc. [Your course textbook]


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One Response

  1. jillvau says:

    Thanks again Heather…I believe this is going to be very exciting and I’m interested to see what so many of you are doing later in your lives.

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