Sustainable You

Sustainability and the Built Environment

Welcome 4300 Fall 2009

 Discussion Entry Due:

At the beginning of each Thursday class. Week 1 entry is due 8/20 (see below post).

The Purpose of the Assignment:

The purpose of the assignment is to assist in developing your knowledge and awareness of general sustainable issues and sustainable design issues/topics. Awareness to living sustainably is increasingly becoming an expectation of all individuals and design professionals. By having diverse weekly discussion regarding various sustainable related topics will help develop your individual knowledge and awareness of sustainability in design and in general.

Where can I locate the weekly question to be discussed?

 Each week (labeled Week 1 through Week 15) the instructor will post a topic of conversation with suggestions for discussion from you. It is your responsibility to check the website weekly and post your comment for the week before the beginning of each Thursday class.


Type of discussion comments to obtain full points:

Comments must showcase critical thought, access of other resources, creativity, and originality of thoughtful discussion. By developing topics of interest will assist in your career by having the ability to demonstrate diversity of sustainable information.

Comments such as “I agree with what was said above” do not include a thoughtful discussion and will not earn full points.


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One Response

  1. Laura Murdock says:

    1. I have visited TODL before because Ms. Rose has introduced us to this website in previous classes.

    2. I have found the Audubon Double Recycler which contains all recylable parts, is LEED certified, lifetime guaranteed, encourages recycling, the company wil plant 50 trees per Recycler bought, the business is located in Miami (which is local and not imported), and the product contains no harmful VOCs.

    3. I like using LG Surfaces ( it offers products besides the typical granite and marble countertops. I really like the volcanics collection which is nonpourous.

    4. I have registered for all of the above listed websites.

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