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Sustainability and the Built Environment

Wk 1: Sign up for Listserves

Response due at the beginning of class on 8/20/2009.

Please subscribe to the following listserves/newsletters and registration. We will use the information from these listserves frequently throughout the semester. It is imperative you sign up by 8/20 to be prepared for future class expectations.

  1. ASID Eye on Design (weekly every friday email sent) . An email will directly be sent to your email. Please be sure to follow the instructions in the email. This excellent newsletter will be sent on Fridays. It will keep you up to date on newest articles, products and jobs in the ID field.
  2. USGBC Atlanta Chapter  (Monthly). Confirm your email address to sign up for the USGBC ATL chapter.  This site will provide you for information regarding local sustainable design events (i.e. mixers, awards, training, etc..). Click here to learn more about the USGBC Atlanta Chapter.
  3. High Point Market (random emails).  Use the High Point site for access to product information.
  4. Informedesign (bi-weekly newsletters). Use the Informedesign site and newsletter for access to latest design research.
  5. (weekly emails).  Register as a student. It takes a few days for TODL to approve your free membership registration, so watch for a follow up email with your account info/password. TODL will be your lifeline in the future for finding product and product information such as pricing and specs.
  6. Inhabitat (daily emails). Inhabitat will keep you up to date with the latest and most innovative aspects of sustainable design and living. 

To receive your participation point, please respond by posting a “Comment.” Confirm that you signed up for all 6 of the above listserve/newsletters.  Please answer the following questions.

1.  Have you visited any of the above websites before this activity. If so, which sites and why?

2.  Find the “Green” product section on and search through their products. Find a product they are promoting and that you think seems truly sustainable and not greenwashed.  Greenwashing occurs when false claims or misleading information are made about the sustainability of a product.

3.  Share with me and your classmates a design related website that you like to visit. Tell us why you visit this site and how long you’ve been visiting the site.

4.  Confirm that you signed up for the above six listserve, newsletter and company access to TODL.


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23 Responses

  1. Katherine Ward says:

    1. I have never previously visited any of these websites but just looking through them briefly, they seem like they will be useful resources.
    2. I recently read an article about reclaimed wood and agree that most reclaimed wood is a sustainable resource. I say most, because it is hard when purchasing reclaimed wood to guarantee that it is processed legally and safely. Consumers should make sure that the manufacturers are a certified supplier with the FSC. The article that I read “Reclaimed Wood is Beautiful and Green” in Green @ Home magazine Sep. issue
    3. There really isn’t one site that I visit on a regular basis but I do enjoy looking for new products.

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for answering first! The article that you speak of in answer #2 sounds interesting and we will talk this semester about the importance of trust certification of suppliers and the challenges of knowing what is legit and what is not.

    Would you please re-read question #2 and follow the instructions to go to and visit their “Green” section and discuss a product from TODL’s section on green. It is important that you are familiar with the TODL green site early in the semester.

    Dr. Lee

  3. Lila Wilson says:

    1. I’ve never been to any of these sites before and haven’t ever heard of any of them either but they all seem very informative.

    2. One product they are promoting that seemed to actually be green is the Garbo lounge seat and coffee table which is made from reclaimed wood as well as 85% recycled stainless steel. The product is also handmade so very little VOCs are emitted. The materials are mostly locally sourced and can be recycled broken down and recycled again if needed.

    3. I don’t currently visit many design websites but I have briefly looked at magazine websites like Elle Décor.

    4. I did subscribe to the six sites.

  4. Mhyria Miller says:

    1. I had not been to these web sites before today. They all seem like great resources though!

    2. The Audubon Double Recycler seems to be a truly sustainable product. After reading their “Environmental Statement,” it’s evident they put in a considerable amount of effort to make products that are environmentally friendly, minimizing waste and reusing their materials.

    3. I don’t really visit any design websites frequently. I’ve been to TED occasionally, which I believe is a great site to learn about new innovative ideas and products coming out.

    4. I subscribed to all six websites.

  5. David Estes says:

    1. No. I have not been to any nor heard of these sights until I came to your class.

    2. I felt that EnviroSLAB Countertops were green and not fooling us with greenwashing. They are 100% recycled glass and porcelain with no VOCs are emitted during and after production. These are great things to look for in a green countertop.

    3. I like to visit habituallychic and materialgirls and apartementtherapy for the last couple of months. I do not like everything on them but they can be good at times.

    4. I have signed up for all 6 sites.

  6. Addison Ruffin says:

    1. I have not visited any of these sites before but i am interested to find out more about them.
    2. The Audubon Double Recycler seems to be very green not only because of the materials they use and their waste minimizing design, but also because of their purpose. The product minimizes waste, uses recycled materials, and lasts a lifetime (ALL features of a green product). Varying lengths of wood are used in order to eliminate waste. Certain parts can be returned and recycled. They require minimal energy to produce and maintain.
    3. I haven’t visited any design website on a regular basis but I plan to frequent the sites i just signed up for.
    4. I have signed up for all six sites.

  7. Brooks Johnson says:

    1. I have never visited the above websites, but they seem to be very helpful and informative.

    2. The Paragon Projection Screens seem to be a very useful product for green design. Every year the entertainment industry continues to appeal more and more to their target audiences; by committing to green design, I believe that this product will encourage the rest of the design world to become more environmentally conscious. On their website, it is stated that “Draper is the first manufacturer of projection screens to receive GREENGUARD Certification for projection screen fabrics”.

    3. I do not visit any websites, but now that I am signed up for these 6, I will explore them more.

    4. I have signed up for the websites!

  8. Lauren Lee says:

    1. I have not visited any of the sites before, but I believe they will be very useful in the future.
    2. After reading the information on the Garbo furniture, I am very impressed by the lengths the company has gone to to create a green product. They went as far to package and ship their product in recycled cardboard and scrap wood packing!
    3. I visit various websites, but I am not a frequent visitor to any of them. However, I enjoy magazines on various aspects of the home. A recently published magazine that I have found to be very informative is “Green @ Home.”
    4. I have signed up for all of the websites and am waiting on the login information for

  9. Katherine Platzer says:

    1. I have visited TODL before but very briefly and not very in depth.
    2. The Audubon Double Recycler does not seem “greenwashed”. The idea that I like the most is the fact that the company makes products that last a lifetime. I believe that this is a huge part of sustainability. They are made with varying wood lengths so there is a lot less waste. Another thing that I thought was interesting was that they used no water in production and small tools to minimize energy. I also liked the fact that panels can be changed out for changes of design so there is no need to buy a new one.
    3. A design website that I enjoy to visit is The Jamie Young Company. I also get their emails. I love their lamp designs.
    I have been visiting this site for about 6 months now.
    4. I have signed up for all 6 sites.

  10. Megan says:


    Thanks for submitting your responses, you are all providing the good information for this entry. I will have to check out Green@Home magazine, that is not one I know. And I haven’t yet visited habituallychic but I did go through an Apartment Therapy phase (which is a good design site I think). And I’ll have to spend some time on, sounds interesting.


  11. Amanda Cook says:

    1. I have not visited any of these sites previously but they seem like they will have a lot of useful information.

    2. Audubon’s Double Recycler is a very interesting product that seems to be completely green. First of all, the product itself is a recycling bin and is made out of recyclable materials. Audubon recycles any waste during production and although their products will last a lifetime they offer replacement parts for future trends and recycle the old parts.

    3. I don’t have any design websites I visit frequently but I use Elle Decor, Traditional Home, and Southern Living websites occasionally. The sites we just signed up for look very interesting though!

    4. I have signed up for all 6 sites and newsletters.

  12. ellie christopher says:

    1. I have never been to any of the six websites provided for us before, but I think that they will provide a great amount of outside information that I never would have been able to get from the classroom.

    2. Nightscaping Sparkler Outdoor Lights; Nightscaping was the first to switch from a solvent based wet spray paint system to an emission limiting Powder Coating facility almost 20 years ago, a first in the 12-volt lighting industry. No damaging, volatile vapors are released during application and powder over spray can be reclaimed for subsequent use. They use bio-degradable detergent in our five stages Powder Coating wash system and the cleaning of all our copper items. They consume at least 1/3 less electricity than other systems.

    3. I really like it is a personal blog and not a great source for unbiased design information, but I really love to follow it.

    4. I have signed up for all six of these sites.

  13. Laura Murdock says:

    1. I have visited TODL before because Ms. Rose has introduced us to this website in previous classes.

    2. I have found the Audubon Double Recycler which contains all recylable parts, is LEED certified, lifetime guaranteed, encourages recycling, the company wil plant 50 trees per Recycler bought, the business is located in Miami (which is local and not imported), and the product contains no harmful VOCs.

    3. I like using LG Surfaces ( it offers products besides the typical granite and marble countertops. I really like the volcanics collection which is nonpourous.

    4. I have registered for all of the above listed websites.

  14. Katie L Robertson says:

    1. I haven’t visited any of these sites before, but I liked the and the Inhabitat one.

    2. I looked at the Garbo Products. All of Mamagreen’s furniture is handmade from FSC certified teak, non-toxic synthetics, and recycled or recyclable stainless steel. The company locally sources of the their materials in Indonesia. Mamagreen USA makes sure that their is no off-gasing when producing their product. They are also currently looking at solar panels for the facilities, and they make sure that they recycle all of their scrap wood and metal. In their products they use teak oil which is low in VOC’s, and use recycled cardboard for packaging.

    3. One site that I like to look at is Design Sponge. Its a blog that home and design product blog. They have reviews on city guides (where to shop for interiors), products, DIY projects, and even sometime cooking recipes. They show furniture reviews and guides, before and after home makeovers, etc.

    4. I’ve signed up for all of the newsletters linked this page.

  15. Ashley Sellen says:

    1. I have visited the High Point Market website before. I used this site regularly in my internship this summer to research new furniture ideas for the store I worked in.

    2. After reading the enviornmental statement made by Mamagreen USA, I believe their Garbo furniture is truly sustainable. Not only do they use all green products that can be re-used, but their whole manufacturing process is green. They have really thought about sustainability in all aspects of production.

    3. I would not say that I regulary visit these sites, but I will occasionally take a glance at them. I recieve Architectual Digest, so I will sometimes see what’s new there. I also love to look at Clive Christian’s website because I love his style and approach to the interior.

    4. I have subscribed to all the listserves.

  16. Tiffany Ward says:

    1. No. I had never visited any of those websites before. ASID is the only source I am familiar with at all.

    2. I think the Polywood Shutters from Sunburst Shutters are a truly sustainable product. At first I was hesitant about them using a synthetic wood substitute, but after reading, I realized they use a by-product of natural gas to produce the material. By using a wood substitute, they are saving trees and can avoid using glues that pollute the air. Additionally, the shutters come with a lifetime guarantee, so fewer new shutters will need to be made in the first place. Finally, the Polywood Shutters serve as a great energy conservation tool; third-party researchers have found that the Polywood Shutters are up to 70% more energy efficient that conventional wood shutters.

    3. One of my favorite websites to visit is I originally found this website when I was researching environmentally-conscious designers for Walsh’s “green paper” last November. This website is informational about organic and environmentally friendly products in general. I can’t say that I read many of the articles, but the Design & Architecture section frequently has neat feature stories about repurposed items. My favorite design was a children’s desk made of old rulers and meter sticks. This week they are featuring a bookshelf made of old used tables, which is pretty awesome.

    4. I did sign up for the six listserves.

  17. Anna Averett says:

    1. No, I haven’t visited any of the sites before except for the ASID website. The others look really interesting and I’m looking foward to exploring the websites more. I think they are a really good and easy way for us as students to access interior design news and information.

    2. I thought the Garbo furniture collection was incredibly sustainable in every aspect. The product is completely recyclable and even the wood or metal scraps from the manufacturing of the furniture are recycled. I also thought it was interesting how even the Mamagreen USA facilities are energy efficient and sustainable. The Garbo furniture is handmade of reclaimed wood, recycled steel, and recycled, non toxic synthetics. Also the wood and metal are locally sourced. Even the cardboard used for packaging is recycled. It is obvious the Mamagreen USA is extremely careful to use only green and recyclable products in every stage of the manufacturing process.

    3. I read sometimes. I heard about it from Ms. Rose last semester. It offers all kinds of interior design information and news on new products. There is also information about green products and building techniques. I also read Architectural digest, Elle Decor, and Dwell regularly.

    4. I signed up for all 6 listserves

  18. Meredith Tannehill says:

    1. I have not visited any of the above websites listed.

    2. I think that the Xlerator High Speed Efficient Hand Dryer is eco-friendly and truly “green”. Its creative and intelligent design outperforms that of an average hand dryer in terms of energy savings and the amount of time it takes to dry your hands. I can say that I am in full agreement with this product as I have physically used one myself in a public restroom. This dryer is used commonly in restuarants and hotels and aids in the prevention of using so many paper towels.

    3. Honestly, I am not one to surf the web on a regular basis but more of a magazine gal. However I do enjoy, and which is just a website of fun and creative ways to go about decorating accessories or pieces of furniture in a room you already have and only need to update some.

    4. I have signed up for all six listserves.

  19. Kimberly Love says:

    1. I have visited the ASID website to become familiar with their certification, especially when I changed majors. I have also used when I was searching the web during a research product. I didn’t look to deeply at the website and decided not to use it as a source.

    2. After working on construction sights with my internship last summer, I’ve been wondering what use all the scraps could go to. Lonfloor Galvanized is a wonderful use of post-industrial materials. The flooring is made from 20% recycled content and meets LEED regulations. The company, Lonseal, is affiliated USGBC & GREENGUARD as well. I think that affiliating yourself with these “green” organizations legitimately show that the product is environmental friendly.

    3. I don’t visit design websites regularly. I usually search for a concept and hone in on images. I do look at furniture websites like west elm to see what’s new.

    4. I have signed up for all listserves.

  20. Alice Knowlton says:

    1. I have not visited these web sites before.

    2. I found a really cool countertop called the Crushed Ice Sports Bar Counter Top. The company that makes it is the first glass company in the world to have GREENGUARD Certification for VOC’s on all of their products and processes, which is an important part of sustainable design. Any waste that accumulates in the making of the countertop is recycled, and the glass is purchased from local glass distributors. I think this counter top is really unique and it is so environmentally friendly.

    3. I have never really explored any websites until I joined this class, but look forward to looking at a lot more from now on.

    4. I have signed up for all of the listservs!

  21. Margaret Reid says:

    1. I had never visited any of these sites before.

    2. I still have not received an email with my password to access the green products on

    3. I have never really visited any design websites much before this. I feel like I will become much more familiar with many through this class.

    4. I have signed up for all of the listserves.

  22. Katherine Ward says:

    2. Sorry, I liked the company Sarasota Architectural Salvage and in particular their wine cabinet. It is a teak cabinet with iron inlaid teak gates. This wood and the gates are antique and salvaged. I guess I was just trying to say that any product that has been salvaged or reclaimed is a green product, and I love companies that specialize in this.

    4. I have signed up for all 6 listserves.

  23. David Jasper says:

    1. I have visited the todl website before. I went there because it was a recommended site for another class but I left when I saw that I had to register.

    2. I should have registered for todl earlier but did not register until yesterday afternoon and I have not received my conformation email so I cannot browse the products.

    3. I have been visiting for about 6 months. The website is mainly industrial design, but there is all kinds of great design on the website. It has a lot of concepts but some of the designs have actually been produced. Most of the designs are user submitted so it gives you a good idea of what other designers are coming up with.

    4. I have signed up for all 6 listserves.

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