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Cash for Refrigerators

Putting chocolate pudding on the fridge

Putting chocolate pudding on the fridge

Wow…this is a great article on the Latest in Stimulus: Cash for Refrigerators.  The article explains, “Beginning late this fall, the program authorizes rebates of $50 to $200 for purchases of high-efficiency household appliances. The money is part of the broader economic stimulus bill passed earlier this year.” 

As designers this type of stimulus or top-down incentive will help encourage consumers to adopt new ideas more quickly.  An article like this is information you will want in your arsenal of information to be knowledgeable in your profession.


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  1. Katherine Ward says:

    Do you think that this stimulus was added to promote the use of energy efficient appliances or is it more of a tactic to get people out there and start spending money again? They couldn’t just say go buy any new appliance and you will get a rebate or any new car and we will give you money for your old. So, is the government just using green ideas and sustainable products as a sort of marketing tool to stimulate the economy?

  2. Megan says:

    I think that this tactic is a double whammy in the sense that there are short term and long-term benefits.

    In the short term the positive effect of this relates to very intention of the stimulus money that is intended to encourage consumer shopping. The economy will get back track more quickly if consumers are willing to spend.

    In the long term the positive effect of encouraging consumers to spend money on energy efficient refrigerators is a tactic to conserve energy. Non-efficient fridges are known for consumer large and unnecessary amounts of energy. In fact if you look at this shocking statistic produced by the US Department of Energy (, the fridge is the 3rd highest consumer of energy in the home following a spa and pool pump. And if you think about it, the average American doesn’t have a spa or pool pump which makes the fridge the highest consuming appliance in the home.

    The long term benefits of efficient fridges will lower energy consumption, but also lower residents monthly energy bill. And for many Americans paying their utility bills can be difficult with the increase of energy costs. We see this often with older adults who are on fixed budgets, and when cost of living increases like energy costs, they have trouble trouble high energy months like winter or summer heating/cooling their homes. Also, individuals that are low-income are likely unable to buy efficient fridges but are more in need of the benefits of lower energy bills.

    Something like encouraging fridges will have both short and long term benefits in helping revive and maintain the economy while lowering energy consumption.

  3. Laura Murdock says:

    I still think companies like the expensive Electrolux will still have a hard time getting people to spend that much during this recession (with or without a rebate). How long would this rebate apparently take? I can imagine it being a long process to get your rebate. I think it’s also a good idea to offer the rebate whe you buy Energy Star products and not have to bring your “clunker” in. On the other hand I stil think if you had to turn your “clunker” in, then the company would know how to properly dispose of the old appliances or recycle them. I like this idea, I just wonder if I apply (we just bought Energy star refrigerator and washer and dryer).

  4. Megan says:


    Looks like the rebate info isn’t due from each state to the fed gov’t until Oct 15th. The rebate info isn’t yet available and we won’t know if GA is going to do the fridge rebate so we’ll need to wait and watch the issue. Right now, you can check this page and see the things in GA that are currently elegible for rebate here at this Georgia Power and Energy Star site

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