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Window, Door, Millwork Distributors

After speaking with you this week and hearing most of you were looking at Pella for windows. I thought I’d mention there are some other good window/door companies to look at for your project with varying price ranges:






For trim options: Trim is called millwork & mouldings in the industry.  Casing  (for windows) or baseboard and this type of finish is considered “Millwork” (millwork is trim, decorative trims).  Usually, it is challenging to find prices online for millwork because the prices vary per community and store.  We  maybe could try Athens building Supply for product, but I haven’t personally bought millwork in this community so I’m not sure we can get it in Athens or need to go to a Millwork distributor in Atlanta.    For pricing for your casing or baseboard you might need to run into your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and get pricing on theri millwork products that interest you.  I encourage you to do this because it will help you picture in real life your options for millwork.


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