Sustainable You

Sustainability and the Built Environment

Wk 9: Phase III Reflection

Response due at the beginning of class 10/15 (individual answers, not 1 answer per group).

I simply can not believe we are done with Phase III of the Cottages at Hilltop project!  For your Sustainable You this week, please reflect on the experience you had during the presentation process and answer the following questions.

1.  Please discuss your overall experience from your designer-client meeting. 

2.  What did you think during your designer-client meeting was successful?

3.  What will you do differently in future designer-client meetings?

4.  On a scale of 1 (the most) to 10 (the least) – how prepared are you feeling for life after graduation based on your interaction and feedback from industry professionals (Jared, Patrick, & Michael).  Please explain how you rated your level of preparedness and brainstorm what things it will take to increase your number on that scale.


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17 Responses

  1. Laura M. says:

    1. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did with the clients. They didn’t ripe apart our design, but rather asked good questions are were honestly interested in our idea. I actually wrote down things that they were saying that was helpful. I learned the realistic perspective about what Jared and the two others knew would work in the real world and what wouldn’t. It was interesting and helpful to see their feedback.
    2. I thought our product and the budget was very successful and interested the clients immensely. They seemed really interested in the design ideas and product supplied. I think the product presentation was a huge success.
    3. I’m not sure what I would do differently. If someone suggested I do something differently, then I would definitely take their advice. Whatever an outside perspective thinks I could do better I would definitely do that.
    4. If I were to graduate and do something with LEED, Sustainability, or Universal design, I would definitely feel somewhere between 1 and 3. If I would have to do product I would be at a 6 and even a 7. I would still have a hard time convincing a client to use a product that I think is horrible and hideous, but is what is popular or in style. I have a hard time understanding trends sometime.

  2. Lauren Lee says:

    1. After looking back over our presentation, I am extremely pleased with our experience. Coming into the meeting, I was a little nervous about presenting to a real client as opposed to fellow students and professors. Even though we have been required to take speech classes and many of us have had public speaking opportunities, we have not been instructed on how to present and sale our idea to a client. Most of our experiences have been with people we are familiar with, so presenting to Jared, Patrick, and Micheal was a new experience for all of us. However, I do feel our group was able create a conversational atmosphere.
    2. I feel our presentation was extremely effective. We were well spoken and new our design backwards and forwards. We received positive feedback during and after our meeting with the clients. Looking back our first client presentation, I completely pleased with our presentation and extremely proud of our group.
    3. Honestly, I feel extremely pleased with our presentation as a whole. The only weakness I can think of was related to our lack of experience. I believe we were a little shaky at first, but once we pitched our concepts and ideas, our voice was much stronger. I believe as time goes on we will be more confident as our experience grows.
    4. I would have to say that I believe I am so where between a 3-4. I do not have a problem speaking with clients since I have worked with the public since I was 16. My biggest concern is my design experience. I am not the most confident designer. I believe I can sale my ideas, but I want to create designs which I want and am proud to sell. When it comes to the space planning aspects and technical details I am completely confident, but when it comes to design aesthetic. For this reason, I am extremely excited to work with Margaret on the next assignment as a designer. I believe I can learn from her and gain design experience which will boost my confidence. While I am pleased with the final product of the Cottage at Hilltop project, I am looking forward to the new assignment.

  3. Katherine Ward says:

    1. I was so pleased with the designer client meeting. It had the potential to not go as smoothly as it did. With this being all of our first times in that situation, I had no clue as to what they might ask or react to and it was scary going in to, but they were an awesome audience and made us feel extremely comfortable. They didn’t ask any questions that myself or my group couldn’t answer and it just felt very smooth and easy going, although I know that they probably won’t all be like that.
    2. I think that Addison did an excellent job on delivering the key points of our design. We had a strong and to the point presentation. I loved that several of our materials used, Jared had spoken up about using the same materials, in my eyes that meant that we understood our client well and what he was looking for. I am glad that we chose to do our presentation conversation style rather than a more formal means of presenting because we all seemed to be very relaxed and comfortable. I think that for our first designer client meeting, it was a huge success and couldn’t be more pleased.
    3. I am not sure, I think that it definitely depends on your client. There might be a client in the future that we might feel more comfortable with giving a more formal presentation. I definitely think that it is situational. Over time we will all become more comfortable with speaking in front of people and they will go even more smoothly.
    4. To be honest I might consider myself at a 5 or 6 there is really only one huge factor that makes me feel as though I’m not ready, speaking! Not just having the shaky voice and red face but also lacking the confidence in my delivery and the terminology. If I can become confident in that area than I think that I will be ready.

  4. Tiffany Ward says:

    1. Overall, I enjoyed last Thursday’s client meeting, and I feel as though I gained a lot from the experience. I have always known that I prefer to be a behind-the-scenes design team member, and our experience with Jared, Patrick, and Michael solidified my feelings in regard to that. However, I thought the presentation and interaction went very well in much part due to my fabulous team members. I think we made a good team because where I lack in communication skills, they really shine, and hopefully, I contributed to the presentation in other ways, like with the boards.

    2. I thought the round table/discussion format was very effective in this setting. Even though in the back of my mind I was apprehensive about gathering around and being that close around the table, I do think the presentation felt warmer and more personalized for Jared, Patrick, and Michael. We were talking to them as opposed to talking at them.

    3. First and foremost, next time when we get to the floor plan and space planning part of the presentation, I plan to have a hardcopy ready to hand the client so they can follow along on their piece of paper while my team members or I demonstrate and point out areas on the board. Our floor plan just was not quite large enough on our board to effectively communicate our idea across the table. Originally, I was concerned that having the additional paper might be a distraction, but after noticing how Jared, Patrick, and Michael had to stretch to see our floor plans, I think a simple AutoCAD drawing would be a tool not a distraction.
    Also, next time I think I will create a “cheat-sheet” of sorts for myself that includes measurements, some product names, and overall information that might be useful. There’s a fine line between having to look up the answer to every question a client asks you and having a reference sheet for when a topic catches you off guard. I do not think it’s unprofessional to have a tool there to guide me in the right direction at times; it actually may help me look more professional because I was prepared to be unprepared.

    4. Right now I am a solid 5 in terms of being prepared for client contact “out there in the real world.” I feel as though I can get the job done when need be, but I do not always feel comfortable in all aspects of the client-designer relationship. I am still learning to trust myself, my ideas and my rationales, but I’m getting closer. I think I’m still finding my voice in design, too, and when I find my niche area, I hope my comfort level will increase then.

  5. Addison Ruffin says:

    1. The designer-client experience was definitely an exciting experience and a confidence builder. The clients were so easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous about presenting my ideas to a real client but after drafting out what I would say, I found the presentation to be an uncomplicated process. I liked the informal aspects of the meeting, which our group focused on creating. I certainly learned a lot about how to convey my ideas clearly and effectively. The tips I was given about how to relate all points to each other and ovoid cliché words helped me to deliver effectively.
    2. I do think that our designer-client meeting was successful. Our team was very prepared and we all knew our designs and products very well. This certainly came across in the design and contributed to our success. Our client sincerely told us he loved our floor plan during the meeting and I definitely think that’s a sign of a successful presentation. I also thought that the fact that Jared was familiar with many of our materials showed that we researched the client’s needs well and designed a home that fit his objective. We conveyed our ideas clearly and completed a successful meeting.
    3. I was very proud of the way our group presented. I think that the main area that needs work is simply our experience. After going through this meeting and realizing how unintimidating it actually is, I am much more confident about presenting to a client. The more confident our group becomes, the better our presentation will be. Next time I will be sure to jump right into the meeting with 100% confidence. Practice makes perfect!
    4. I feel that I am at about a 4 right now as far as being prepared for life after graduation. I am confident that I am a good designer and that I can present my ideas well. I am confident in my ability to specify aesthetically pleasing products and materials. I am also confident in my ability to stay within a budget. I am comfortable interacting with clients but (as Megan continuously stresses) I think I need to continue to improve my ability to convey ideas clearly. I simply think I need more experience to push myself to feel like I am closer to a 1.

  6. Katherine P. says:

    1.I think that my overall client experience was very successful. We had great interaction and great conversation. I thought David explained our design very well at the beginning and Jared, Michael and Patrick asked many questions. I thought the questions they asked helped us explain our design in a more complete way. I believe we had great conversation once the questions were asked. They seemed very interested in our design and appreciated the work that we put into our design.
    I also enjoyed observing other group presentations. I think all the groups did such a great job and it was refreshing seeing a different approach to the presentation. Overall, I really enjoyed the day. They were very friendly but weren’t afraid to get the information they wanted. They treated us like professionals and I truly felt like I was a professional in a client meeting and not so much a student.
    2. They were a couple of things that I thought were successful. We were able to answer the questions that they had with all the information that they desired. I also feel like they understood our design and felt the “modern” components of the design. I am really glad that we did the small materials board because I felt like that showed our materials and finishes in an understandable way since we did not have all of the samples. I also felt like we were very professional.
    3. In future client meetings, I will probably have a mock meeting with my group before we have the real meeting with the client to work out all of the kinks. I also liked the groups with the renderings. I thought it really helped to showcase the design in a more understandable way. I would probably do more renderings so that the client can visually see the design better.
    4. On a scale from 1-10 I am probably at a 6. I am really uncomfortable public speaking so I don’t think that number will get all the way to 10. But I feel very comfortable with interacting with professionals; I just need to work on my public speaking. Also to increase this number, I think I would need to know all aspects of the design a little better. I focused a lot on my part of the project and I did help my other group members a lot but I feel like I need a more comprehensive view of the project.

  7. David Estes says:

    1. I felt that the experience was very good practice and experience for what we will be doing in less than a year. I feel that we were very prepared and knew exactly what we were talking about, and I think it showed. I liked that they were interested in our design and had questions. I really had no need to worry, because we showed a design we believed in and did it well.

    2. In our meeting we came across as very professional but approachable. Our inspirations and design process were tight and concise and the execution of our design as a whole was clear. We were able to answer all questions asked and expand upon the question. Our knowledge and confidence really showed through.

    3. I will not work myself up so much and try to be a little more relaxed. I want to work on really selling my ideas more directly. I will also have more samples and a picture of the house on the “take away” information for the client.

    4. 3 to 4. I feel that I am able to work in a group setting ( which is what I probably will be doing in any firm I work for once I graduate)and give a lot to the group while taking a lot from the experience. I am confident and competent in my work and self and can do and learn anything thrown my way. I am very dedicated to whatever I am doing and willing to take criticism and feedback. I am taking advance CAD and the sustainability seminar next semester that will help me with my CAD skills and my knowledge of sustainability and maybe I will find a niche that I feel is drawing my attention. I am also going to keep working on my presentation skills and self confidence.

  8. Lila Wilson says:

    1. Overall I think our meeting with the client went really well. We were able to convey the idea of our design to them and felt comfortable doing so. They were very easy clients to present to and allowed us to have a presentation style meeting instead of the strictly round table feeling of the other groups. Going last meant there was a chance for us to get feedback from other groups and get more nervous but we were able to focus on our group and our design and execute the meeting well. I think our group was very well prepared and knew what we needed to say and I could not be more proud of us all.

    2. I think we were successful in how we were able to talk about our design, especially after they had trouble seeing the floor plan from their seats. Both of the speakers in my group looked confident and comfortable when they were talking and didn’t seem overly nervous even though there were definitely nerves before we presented. I think we were also able to make the presentation style setting work for us but still allow for Jared to feel like he could interact with us at the end and not just think we were preaching to him.

    3. In future clients meetings we will need to work on our presentation to fit each specific client. Every client is not going to be as easy to talk to as Jared or have the same amount of experience within the industry. We will need to decide before each presentation which style would be best: round table or presentation style. Some clients respond better to the round table and vice versa so that will be a big thing to consider in the future.

    4. While this was a good start to becoming prepared for the world after graduation, I still don’t feel I am ready to be on my own yet so I’d probably say I’m around a 5. I think if it was just presenting to clients I would be more ready however I don’t think I’ve had enough experience yet working on real projects with budgets and actual guidelines. I think these next few projects will do a lot to increase my confidence although I’m still going to be scared going out on my own at first no matter what.

  9. Ashley Sellen says:

    1. I feel as if the overall process went well. It was the first time most of us had real interaction with a real client, and I think for a first time it could not have gone any better. They seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say as well as our solution to the design. They asked questions that made us think and apply everything we had learned during the process.

    2. I feel as if our meeting was successful because we were able to paint the exact picture of what we had envisioned in their head. Even though there was some confusion to begin with, we were able to push through it and open their eyes to our design. I feel as if we were able to connect with them during our talk about sustainability. Our speaker was able to paint a great picture of what she thought sustainability was until we got involved with this project.

    3. I think in the next meeting I will opt for a more personal meeting rather than the presentation style we went with. Even though I, personally feel more comfortable in a presentation style meeting, I think it is time to try something new and brach out a little. I need to get a feel for more than one type of meeting since the real world is not all a presentation style place.

    4. I think I fall in the 5 range. I would not feel completely comfortable being thrown in the real worls because I do not feel as if I have learned everything there is to learn yet. I realize that most of my learning will come from my real world experiences, but I don’t know if I have a good enough base yet to venture out in the real world. I do feel that if for some reason I was required to have more interaction with the industry that I could pick up on it quickly, even with my lack of a huge base knowledge. This is why I put myself at the five range. I would not feel completely comfortable but I would be able to pick up on things quickly and actaully be successful in what I did.

  10. Meredith Tannehill says:

    1. To be extremely honest, I was very nervous before giving the presentation to our clients. I had rehearsed well in advance the points and topics I wanted to address with the clients and refreshed my mind with as much product information as I could for possible questions. I was feeling a lot of pressure before presenting simply because I felt there was so much to remember and I simply did not want to let my client down stumbling over a question for an answer. However, once we were in the room and seated, I felt very comfortable and “talked” my way through the presentation. Some of my thoughts stayed on track and other times I would throw in a point earlier in presentation than what I had planned and sometimes later. Overall though I feel that I did a good job and made it easy for my teammates to jump in with comments. I had a great time presenting the project we worked so hard on to Jared and the others and was thrilled to see satisfaction on their faces and hear encouraging and positive feedback. It was a great experience to be a part of and I think Jared and his crew were a good few to “start out” presenting to.
    2. Most definitely for my group, I felt the flow of conversation was outstanding. Never once in the meeting did I feel an awkward moment of silence or have confusion about who would answer. I felt that I took control of the presentation in such a way that made my teammates feel comfortable with chiming in at appropriate times with relevant information. I also feel that our group was very successful at delivering the information quickly and precisely. We knew our information and sounded confident in our responses to their questions.
    3. I think in the future, I will touch up more on everyone’s “specialized area”…meaning I will refresh my memory on the exact square footage of the room, whether or not a product is LEED certified or simply has a green certification of some sort, and know “about” price ranges for certain areas/rooms/products within the budget.
    4. On a scale from 1-10 I feel that my life of preparedness of “real-life” is a 7. I feel that I am in a comfortable position however there is always room for improvement. I am confident in my design skills and feel comfortable talking with clients however I could always use some improvement. I from time to time stumble across thoughts and sometimes have difficulty conveying that information. As far as becoming more comfortable in speaking terms, I feel as if I am pretty set for now. I could always improve my product knowledge and work on knowing and understanding pricing a little better. I am ready to get out in the world and put my skills and knowledge that I have learned in school to the test –I will give it my all and take every advantage I can to make myself a better designer.

  11. ellie christopher says:

    1. I have to say that my experience during the presentation was nerve racking. I don’t do well in front of people that could be judging me, and when i start to feel this way i become very reserved and cold in my thoughts and words. I want to be better in my conversations with a potential client. Sometimes i get more nervous in front of people that i know better cause i’ll be spending the rest of the year with them and i may never see Jared again. I really didn’t want to mess up the presentation for our group. When Jared said that the rendering looked organic and not like metal siding, my heart sunk and i felt like i’d messed the whole thing up. i really just wanted the whole thing to go well because David had worked so hard for everything to flow together.
    2. I felt like David did a good job of explaining how he came to be inspired to design the house that he designed. I think he did a good job of letting them get a feel of the products that we would have used in the house and the overall feel that someone would get when they walked into the home. I think Katherine did a great job of knowing how much the products cost through the house and i was impressed that she didn’t have to look through a lot of papers to find that out. i think that Kimberly did a great job of having a conversation with Jared and the other guys about sustainability and how we meant to implement that into our house.
    3. In the future i think i will try and spend less time talking at them and more time trying to build a professional conversation from the beginning. I think i would have changed the manner in which we presented our ideas. I think it could have been a little less formal and more friendly if one of us stood up and pointed to the things on our board. I felt like i was cold in my manner of speaking and i’d try and be less scared to speaking up and try and be more personable to the person who took time out of their day to come and listen to our presentation.
    4. I feel like on a scale of 1-10 on my preparedness for real like i am at a 6. I know that i have valuable design skills but i don’t feel like i have ever done anything that really exercises real world skills until this class. it has taken some getting used to talking with a real client instead of getting a sheet of paper filled with all of the information that i’ll need for the project. I have really enjoyed getting to work this way, and i think that it has helped me to see what will really work for people’s lives. I know that i have good technical skills both in CAD and drafting, but there is always room for improvement. I know that there is a lot of room for improvement in my skills for talking with a client, and i think this last presentation has showed me that they are there to learn what i have to offer which is a lot and i just need to be more confident in myself.

  12. Amanda Cook says:

    1. I felt our meeting with Jared went well. I think we did a good job getting our design concept across and Jared really responded well. Our group was very prepared for the meeting and I think it really showed in our knowledge about the project which helped us stay professional. This was a very good experience for all of us since we have not been in this kind of situation before. It was very good experience for the future.

    2. I think the structure of our presentation was very successful. It helped having Ashley present our design concept and Myhria explain the sustainability aspects. It really focused our presentation and although we chose to do a presentation style meeting Jared and his team were able to interact and understand our vision.

    3. I think next time we will keep our boards closer to the client so they can see them better. I think we handled this challenge well during the meeting however by being able to verbally explain our design as well as show them our working drawings. Also more of a round-table style meeting in the future would probably help foster more of a conversation that would stick in the clients minds and help them remember us

    4. I would say I was around a 5…I think when it comes to getting the job done I am pretty ready. I think I can work well on a design team and I am confident in my abilities but when it comes to presentation and getting the job with a client I’m not as prepared. Getting the client is the first step in being successful so I think presentation will be an area I really need to work on. The primary thing I need to do to improve my score is get over nerves. I know I have the potential I just need to use it.

  13. Anna Averett says:

    Please discuss your overall experience from your designer-client meeting?
    This. was my first experience presenting a design to real clients, and I think my group did really well! Our concept was straightforward and unique which made it easier to stay focus and harp on certain design elements. I feel like our meeting was laid back and comfortable, which made the whole presentation much less intimidating. I found that though I was nervous at first, once we started talking and diving into the details of our design concept, speaking became much easier and the pressure disappeared. I think making small talk before we began was a good idea because it immediately made the meeting more familiar and informal. Jared and the others were so nice and supportive—a great group to share our first designer-client meeting with!
    2. What did you think during your designer-client meeting was successful?
    Like I mentioned earlier, our team made a point to make the meeting very comfortable and informal to calm our nerves, and to keep our design concepts fresh in our minds. Also, as Brooks led the group around our boards, it was easy and natural for the rest of our team to chime in when it was appropriate. This helped us keep a steady flow throughout the presentation. Laura was very confident with the LEED and sustainable information, and gave jus the right amount of information in a way that was easy for our clients to understand. David easily answered the questions and comments concerning our budget and lighting. He knew all of the details and explained these concepts to our clients with no problem. Brooks was very confident in her design and aesthetic choices and did a great job in sharing her experiences in how she made her final product decisions. She was able to articulate our universal design concept very well and explained directly how our design promoted universal elements. I was able to answer the technical questions concerning our plan and in the end, I think our team as a whole delivered a confident and concrete design concept that stuck out to Jared, who himself is interested in incorporating Universal Design.
    3. What will you do differently in future designer-client meetings?
    In future design-client meetings, I think it will be beneficial to rehearse more as a group to make sure we can keep a consistent flow going throughout the presentation. Also, I will pay more attention to exact details of things such as budget information and square footage. Personally, I do better if I repeat the key ideas over and over or even write them down several times to embed them in my memory. I think each member of the team should be extremely confident in one certain area and fairly confident with the others so that during the presentation we can seamlessly bounce information off of one another. Also, if possible, I think it would be nice to reintroduce my team to our clients before hand, so that they remember us better in the actual meeting. Automatically the meeting would be less formal and more conversational.
    4. On a scale of 1 (the most) to 10 (the least) – how prepared are you feeling for life after graduation based on your interaction and feedback from industry professionals (Jared, Patrick, & Michael). Please explain how you rated your level of preparedness and brainstorm what things it will take to increase your number on that scale.

    I would say I’m around a 4 in terms of being prepared for life after graduation. I don’t mind speaking in front of small groups of people, and I enjoy making a group feel more comfortable. Making the meeting less formal makes it easier for everyone (both the designer and the client) to express their ideas and offer feedback. This entire experience has given my confidence in making decisions and I am working on being able to better articulate my design ideas in a way that is easy for the clients to follow. I think having more experiences with these designer-client meetings will crucial in learning to quickly read clients and deliver what they want. I think after I graduate, I will know exactly how to prepare and what to expect. This will give me the confidence I need to increase my number on the scale.

  14. Mhyria Miller says:

    1) I think the overall experience with our client meeting went really well. It gave our group a glimpse of what the working world is going to be like. I feel as if we conveyed our design and inspirations professionally and with a unique twist. Our designer painted a nice picture that gave our clients a vision of how our entire design process went.

    2) I feel as if our presentation was successful in that our designer and I were able to not only explain our design thoroughly to our clients, but teach them as well. I believe we incorporated some sustainable aspects into our design that our clients can work with in the future
    3) I feel in our next client meeting we should go with a more personal “round table” type presentation. I feel as if Jared and his team responded better to a more “hands-on” type presentation style. Although every client we deal with will be different, this type of presentation allows the clients to be more involved.

    4) It’s hard to say, but I’d have to go with a 5. Our client meeting with Jared and his team gave me a glimpse of how the real world is going to be, but until you’re completely immersed in the working field its hard to judge. I feel as if this project helped with my confidence and forced me to get over some of my fears when it comes to presenting or explaining my ideas. I know from past experiences that I’m a hard worker and very reliable, so by continuing to gain confidence and experience I believe I will be ready to join the working field.

  15. Katie L Robertson says:

    1. My overall experience with our client meeting was actually very enjoyable. Before we went in to meet with Jared and the guys from Full Circle, I think our entire group was nervous, but once we all sat down and got into a flow, we all started to relax and really have fun showing the guys what we had accomplished.
    2. During our meeting I felt that our group had a great flow of conservation with each other as well as great interaction with the clients. I feel that we were able to engage them in the presentation but that they never had any questions about what was being shown to them (no confusion).
    3. I feel that one thing that we could have done was to make sure everyone in our group knew each others information, for example Tiffany knew the exact square footage of our house, but if they had asked me I probably wouldn’t have known that number and would have only been able to give them a rough guess. I feel if maybe we all had brushed up on each others information more, it could help in the future if for some reason another person just can’t remember we are there to help them out.
    4. Currently on a scale of 1 to 10, I think I’m probably feeling about a 4 on being comfortable about client meetings. I feel that for my first experience with a presentation like this it was very educational and went very well, but I also feel that I will feel even better about it the more times we get to show our work in a professional setting.

  16. Brooks Johnson says:

    1. Please discuss your overall experience from your designer-client meeting.
    I really enjoyed how professional the experience was. I think that having the interaction with Jared allowed us both positive and negative feedback for future projects. I have only worked with designers that have presented their ideas to clients individually; so it was good to share the experience with a group.
    2. What did you think during your designer-client meeting was successful?
    I think conversation was the most important thing; allowing Jared to feel comfortable expressing his feedback to us. I also think we did a good job of harping on the fact that we were confident in our vision, and felt comfortable answering any type of question of concern regarding it.
    3. What will you do differently in future designer-client meetings?
    I will make better eye contact, and I will slow down with my choice of words. I think that I am able to convey my concept, but I think it can be explained in a more direct manor.
    4. On a scale of 1 (the most) to 10 (the least) – how prepared are you feeling for life after graduation based on your interaction and feedback from industry professionals (Jared, Patrick, & Michael). Please explain how you rated your level of preparedness and brainstorm what things it will take to increase your number on that scale.
    3: I think that I was able to use my previous job experience in the client meeting with Jared. I think that the meeting with Jared has allowed me to realize how important it is to be able to answer any question- because there no telling what a client wants to know.

  17. Kimberly Love says:

    1. I felt the presentation was a good learning lesson, and was happy to be a part of it. Mostly, I was a little uncomfortable during the presentation because I thought the sustainability & LEED portions could have been integrated better into the presentation and my “monologue” about LEED confused the client (and myself…). Overall, I think the presentation went well. We were all involved and supportive of the design. I believe the experience will help me in the next project.

    2. I think the design was explained well and our choices were persuasive. After all-was-said-and-done, we knew our information and could give concrete reasons as to our decisions. This made for a professional environment and got rid of any thoughts Jared may have had about our abilities.

    3. Although, I’m usually pretty proficient at getting my thoughts out, I think for the next designer- client meeting, I need to take more time preparing what I want to say. Although I knew the information and had notes in front of me, I regret fumbling over my thoughts. I also want to work on my eye contact and enthusiasm because I don’t want my calm persona to be misinterpreted as boredom.

    4. I would say I am at a 5. I have gotten a lot of feedback on how to improve my interactions, which include being present (which I am, but may not appear that way), be enthusiastic, talk more, and fight for my designs. I know what my problems are, which is toughest part, and just need to work on them.

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