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Wk 10: CAES & Sustainability

IMG_0887Response due at the beginning of class 10/22 (1 answer per each Studio)

After visiting the site of our new project, please meet as a group and create a detailed list about all the sustainable products and processes you could potentially implement.  To achieve full points on this question, the answer should show extensive brainstorming and high levels of detail regarding sustainable solutions.  You can use bullet points or paragraph form.

Please have one of the designers from the team answer the question for each Studio. Be sure to include your studio name and names of the 4 group members.





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8 Responses

  1. Studio KW says:

    •Low VOC paint
    •Energy star appliances and energy efficient lighting
    •Reclaimed products: wood desks
    •Local products: artwork
    •Reuse existing furniture: add new fabric to chairs
    •Efficient recycling services
    o Centrally located recycling units
    o Have recycling for paper, toner, ink cartridges, computer parts
    o Incorporate units into the break room and copy room
    •Allow products to “off gas” sufficiently before installation
    •Designated areas for storage during installation
    •Facilitate active living through exposure to the outdoors
    •Responsible demolition and construction techniques
    o Designate areas to protect existing elements
    o Designate area to recycle products
    o Designate area for trash
    •Fluid open spaces to encourage communal behavior
    •Consolidate storage room to take up less space in the office environment: organize space
    •Recycles materials: carpet; ceiling tiles; glass
    •Sell back unused existing elements
    •Enhance natural light as much as possible to facilitate healthy living
    o Reflective surfaces
    o Stainless steel
    o Metallic
    o Glass

  2. Studio KLR says:

    Studio KLR: $10,000k – $30,000k (low budget)

    • Brainstorming ways to renovate removing the least amount of walls as possible to save money that can go towards sound control products and lighting
    • Creating schematic drawings that implement efficient design as far as sound quality (i.e. locating the copying machines away from office spaces), locating multi-purpose rooms centrally where everyone has easy access (break room/ lounge/ library), and placing conference rooms and sitting areas near the reception area to avoid dragging clients through everyone’s office spaces.
    • Bring the outside indoors (continuation of brick and stone) that carries the historical aspects of the building inward.
    • Providing comfortable furniture in a sitting area and the break room where clients or employees can wait or rest. Also providing necessary tables and bookcases in the break room will encourage congregation where conversation and sharing of knowledge can be exchanged.
    • Neutral to light colors that provide a calming environment for both employees and clients…however, maybe a splash of color or two should be incorporated that is inviting and welcoming to all. And of course we will use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints to implement green design.
    • Displaying plants and greenery that are both aesthetically pleasing and contribute to a healthy indoor environment. May be such that some of the plants are artificial to lessen the responsibility of maintenance but still adding interest for the eye and continue to pull the outdoors inside (possibly some type of vine that can wrap around some exposed beam work).
    • Wall partitions between office spaces and conference rooms would be a great way to provide privacy while still allowing light to diffuse from various sources inward.
    • By placing acoustical panels, made of various materials that are sound absorbent, in office areas and the conference room is an innovative way to increase sound control quality. There are also several materials that can be purchased to line the inside of drywall that help to block incoming noise from hallways or outside activities.
    • Hanging black and photographs (an old fashioned but classy look) of the building from its latter days would be a great way to educate visitors and remind the employees of the history in which their building has retained.
    • Laying down carpet through the office areas will help to absorb noise creating a quiet working environment for all. However hardwood flooring would be necessary in the break room/lounge to allow for easy clean up if appliances should leak or spills occur.
    • Exposed beam work in the ceilings would add interest for the eye while it hides the exposed ductwork above. It also becomes a great way to bring natural earth elements indoors and continue with the in and outdoor relationship.
    • Of course encouraging the staff to purchase energy star appliances (that will not be provided within our budget) will be beneficial to them.
    • Also providing ideas for outdoors spaces to relax will give them some insight on ways to move some activities to the exterior rather than being cooped up inside all day long. (Picnic tables to have lunch, great group activity!)
    • We did notice all the recycling bins that they had around the space and think this is fabulous!! Creating a few more bins in the kitchen break room area will be nice to have and a great way for the office to be organized with one central recycling location.

  3. Anna Averett, Lauren Lee, Laura Murdock, Margaret Reid says:

    Studio AA:
    •Low VOC paint throughout the spaces
    •Energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures
    •ENERGY STAR appliances within the kitchen area
    •WaterSense fixture within the kitchen
    •Recyclable wall art
    o Using local/university artist
    •Recyclable carpeting
    •Using “standby cut-off plug sockets”
    •Putting together a user manual indicating ways to reduce costs (standby settings on computers, etc.)
    •Sustainable space plans (various space plan options)
    •Bringing in local flooring and siding
    •Recyclable countertop in the kitchen (recycled glass)
    •Reselling existing furniture and doors
    •Bringing in natural light using innovative applications of doors and windows
    •Low maintenance flooring in the break room (cushion flooring)
    •Sound proofing within the walls
    •Adding additional sound proofing in the break room to keep gaming
    •Designing a more accessible recycling area
    •Multipurpose tables within breakroom

  4. Studio LW says:

    – Low VOC paint
    – Getting rid of the carpet to expose the existing wood floors which would decrease VOCs in the office space and increase the character of the building
    – Use existing office furniture to reduce expenditures as well as shipping and waste
    – Provide recycling for paper, ink cartridges, cardboard, etc. to promote sustainable living
    – Energy Star appliances and fixtures where needed
    – The use of eco-friendly glass walls
    – The use of CFLs and Energy Star lighting to reduce energy costs
    – Water Sense fixtures in the kitchen if we can get plumbing
    – Using local artwork to stimulate the local economy and contribute to showcase the history of the building
    – The new furniture we will need to buy will be purchased locally
    – All new elements in the plan will be given substaintial time to off gas
    – Logical demolition plan
    – A large break area to promote healthy social interaction as well as versatility
    – Three fully functioning walls in the offices for versatility of space
    – Implementation of glass walls to brighten the area and give it a more open feeling
    – Providing a larger and more versatile kitchen to promote healthier eating habits and lifestyle
    – Using standby cut-off sockets to reduce energy costs
    – Encourage the staff to unplug all equipment at night
    – Implimentation of a sound system to increase productivity

  5. Megan says:

    Reading your answers some just hit me

    – How will ‘real’ plants grow in this office with there being minimal natural light?

    – if we opt for fake plants then we have to address the cleaning issue of fake plants. Nothing worse than a beautiful fake plant tired from months or years of no dusting.

    Hmmmmm…..the plot thickens on this design solution?!


  6. Megan says:

    Studio LW and AA both addressed promoting the staff to turn off or power down their equipment at night. I love this idea. So, you’ll need to include in the specs specific power surges – see these websites for some helpful info for specific surge protectors that automatically turn off controlled devices:
    (Isolé® IDP-3050 Plug Load Control)
    (Smart Strip Power Strip)


  7. Megan says:

    Studio KW,

    Excellent that you mention:

    “Allow products to “off gas” sufficiently before installation
    •Designated areas for storage during installation”

    These are technically simple things to do and request but something most people will not ask to happen.

  8. Studio KP says:

    David Estes, Kimberly Love, Ellie Christopher, and Katherine Platzer said:

    -3 Form Product
    -Reclaimed brick and wood from local source
    -Refinishing original flooring
    -Recycling floating floor and all other products that we are getting rid of
    -Low VOC paint
    -Energy Star fixtures
    -Energy star appliances
    -Purchase surge protectors to put items “to sleep” when not in use.
    -Recycled materials for countertops.
    -Better ventilation for “off-gassing” for copy machines, etc.
    -Utilizing as much natural light as possible
    -Recycling center for ink cartridges, paper, and other materials.
    -Using opaque materials to diffuse light
    -Use of indoor plants
    -Recycled material for insulation to decrease sound
    -Allow materials to off-gas before bringing them into the building
    -Have designated areas for storage before installation.
    -Create various space plans to flexibility and sustainability
    -Choosing furniture that can be used in the future for other employees
    -Use of area rugs in common spaces to reduce the need for future refinishing of the flooring
    -Improve IAQ by reducing smoke that comes in from exterior

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