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Sustainability and the Built Environment

Wk 13: Concept & Color

Response due at the beginning of class 11/12 by each studio (1 answer per studio, no individual answers).

1.  Describe your design concept (thesis) statement of your design direction. Use your most developed design language to explain the design. A design thesis helps designers articulate their ideas in words so when we can successfully use words to explain our design. Please read the following article on How to write an interior design concept statement .   The article gives you 5 points that must be achieved to write a successful design concept statement.  length usually around a paragraph, goal is to be concise, professional and use your visual language.

This design statement will be included in your final materials to your clients.  When we are working with individuals not in design it is important we do everything in our capability to explain our design so they will accept the design ideas proposed.  I expect this statement to be well written, grammatically solid and concise. 


Image by Metropolitan Home

2.   Describe your color palette.  Each color palette for your design should include a minimum of 2 main colors, 2 neutrals and 1-2 accents.     Yes,  you can have more colors in your palette if needed.   Things to do:  (1) Make sure your overall color palette has a name.  Describe the overall color palette inspiration.  Remember how the Pantone- Color Palettes video had names and inspiration for each color palette,  and  (2) Each individual color in a color palette will have a name and a brief description about that specific color itself.

The goal of this week’s Sustainable You is to develop your visual design language to successfully translate your ideas both visually and verbally to clients and in-house colleagues.


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  1. Studio AA: Anna Averett, Lauren Lee, Laura Murdock, Margaret Reid says:

    1.Studio AA wants to convey an outdoor, organic feel in the space while keeping a professional, office atmosphere. We are achieving this with the use of neutral tones which reflect the surrounding environment. The design also includes natural textures and shapes through the use of Kurastone and “raindrop-like” pendants. Our lighting design takes advantage of the clerestory windows, letting in natural light. This is accomplished through the use of frosted glass door inserts and skylights within each office. Our fabric choices are bright to add a pop of color against the natural tones, but have little pattern, keeping with a simplistic atmosphere within the space. We were inspired by the clients need to experience nature within the office space. They wanted to have a space which was not “boring” but inspirational and motivational. Our goal of accomplishing an organic office space is achieved through not only our material selections, but the influence of the surrounding environment.
    2.Our color palette is derived from nature: Transitional Organics. Our neutral tones are Slate Grey and Pale Cream. Our trim is an Winter White to define each space. Our pops of color are included through the Sage Green office spaces and reception area, Berry Red wall within the break room, and Sapphire Blue accents in the pillow choices and Silestone countertop. We believe that is was necessary to keep with a neutral palette throughout the office space, adding the brighter colors sparingly to create interest.

  2. Studio KW says:

    1. Our design is Mrs. edgy meets Mr. futuristic; which fuses sleek metallic’s, stark whites, and sharp pops of color. We found inspiration in revolutionary videogames as well as in sexy and sophisticated movements. The incorporation of curves within the walls, lighting, and carpet create a luxurious and whimsical space that will encourage collaboration. Retro metallic’s and impulses of vibrant colors are fused into the offices to rouse polished ideas and slick inspiration. Bright white walls are the perfect contrast with the subtle exposure of delicate brick, which harps on the historical pride of this building. This environment was created to provide a personalized office space for the innovative and top of the line CAES IT professionals; who deserve to be given a cutting edge space that follows their advanced technologies.
    2. Metallics and neons contrasting bright whites. Obstinate Orange: sophisticated neon. Hyper Blue: BOOM in your face. Cotton White: brilliantly pure. Jolly Green: playful. Metallic Rave: futuristic. Guitar Hero inspiration for color. Our color palette is called sublime intuition.

  3. Studio LW: Lila Wilson, Mhyria Miller, Amanda Cook, Ashley Sellen says:

    1. Studio LW is designing a space that will attempt to bring the comforts of home into a commercial space using a New York loft as its basis of inspiration. We are mixing different textures such as metal and brick in order to achieve a feeling of both nature and industry. We are drawing our inspiration from the fact that this is a historical building and that Athens is the Classic City. Both these ideas drove us to incorporate historical and classic aspects with up-to-date and modern touches. The use of glass walls will bring a modern feeling into the building, while the brick and brick veneers take the occupants back to the building’s original history.

    2. We decided on a more natural color palette: The Nature of New York. The two main colors we chose are a moss and olive green, which will provide comfort and will keep workers in a productive mood all day long. These greens will be found in both the reception and break areas. Our two neutrals are beige and off white, which are simple and calming. The neutrals will be found in the offices and sparsely throughout the entire office space. We decided on a pale blue for our accent color, which also has a soothing and calming effect and will keep people focused and productive for long periods of time. Blue will mostly be found in accents such as pillows, vases and artwork.

  4. Alice Knowlton says:

    Our design concept for the CAES office building derives completely from nature. The office building is a very historic building however, going inside one would never know this. The interior has no reflection of the building exterior, so our main goal aesthetically was to bring those historical and natural elements to the inside. After meeting with the clients, it was obvious this was something they wanted to see implemented, along with better noise control and a spacious break room. With a limited budget, we also came up with the idea of incorporating elements of office feng shui into the space. This is achieved through many different things such as paint colors, materials, and sounds. Combining all of these elements, we came up with our design concept: scenic feng shui.
    Our color palette reflects the hues and colors found in the environment, but also relates to the concepts of feng shui that create certain psychological effects on humans. One of the main colors for the space is a muted shade of teal that is visually stimulating, yet comfortable. Although this exotic teal is not frequently found in nature, it mimics that of a fresh mountain stream. Our other main design color is a hearty brown, reminiscent of wood elements. Wood, in feng shui, promotes development and creative energies, an important part of our design concept. Both the teal and brown are easily complemented by the selected accent colors in our color scheme. A burnt orange is suggestive of the leaves in autumn, and parallel with the continuing theme of nature. Orange is also known to strengthen concentration, which is paramount to this work environment. Navy blue is the second accent color, conveying intellect and wisdom. It helps to create a relaxed setting, one that echoes a crisp mountain night. Our neutrals consist of two shades of French grey, both that unify the color palette and harmonize our desired interior aesthetic. Together they act as a background allowing the main and accent colors to make a statement.
    The current lighting situation in the CAES office is unfortunately a hindering factor for its inhabitants and their work ethics. We feel that with efficient and proper lighting fixtures that a healthy and more aesthetically pleasing space can be created. Along with lighting solutions, there are a few other features of the building we wish to see implemented. In the hallways, we are incorporating brick columns to give the space a rusticated feel and is indicative to the historicism of the building. Sound elements such as running stream water might also contribute to more office productivity. Water, according to feng shui philosophy, promotes networking and tranquility, perfect for an office seeking community congregation. Tabletop fountains are going to be used throughout the space to provide this constant sound of water.

  5. Studio KLR says:

    the above message was for studio klr

  6. Studio KP says:

    Our overall design feeling can be described as subdued transitional. There are modern pops of colors, patterns, and textures but the overall feel is comfortable and creative. We took inspiration from large corporate companies’ modern spaces while blending in the historical and Southern tradition of the building. Companies such as Google and Red bull’s use of innovative materials inspired our material choices and applications. We exposed the original wood flooring in order to highlight the history of the space. We added sleek modern glass walls in the conference room and communal spaces to utilize the natural light from the clerestory windows and to foster a sense of community between coworkers. We have utilized light shelves that reflect and bounce light throughout the hallways and stream into these rooms. The textured accent walls help to foster creativity and create a sense of comfort. We have lighted them in a manner to accentuate their form. Overall, our color scheme is subtle with hints and pops of saturated reds, greens, and blues. These accent colors are brought into the space through upholstered furniture and millwork. In order to incorporate the culture of Athens, we will use photographs by a local photographer, Kelly Lambert. Her images are not typical: they take an innovative and new approach to how one views Athens.
    Our color pallet is enriched transitional. We were inspired by popular fashion trends and traditional Georgian interiors. Nebulus white is a clean and refreshing color that will be used on all major walls. Foggy Day is a substantial, grounding color that brings focus and direction to the innovative wall elements. Georgian Bay is an invigorating and distinguished color that is seen through the uses of furniture and millwork. Habanero Chile adds unexpected spice and flavor to the design aesthetic.

  7. Studio KP says:

    oops the two different paragraphs didn’t separate sorry don’t know how to fix that!

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