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Facebook uses coal to power your profile

What not to write on your FB page

I was just reading this article that Facebook is opening a new data center in Oregon and they selected to be fueled by coal power. So now your Facebook profile is being fueled the dirtest and cheapest fossil fuels.  I find this disappointing since I always look to our innovative technology companies to be at the forefront at energy innovation. But I guess Facebook is trying to cut costs and make themselves as much money as possible while they are popular.

Excerpt from article  Help get Facebook off coal now “Facebook, one of the fastest growing and most innovative destinations on the web, recently announced a plan to build a massive data center in Prineville, Oregon. Unfortunately, while Facebook plans to build a highly energy-efficient data center, which saves it money in lower energy costs, the company has taken the cheap and easy — not to mention dirty — way out in choosing coal as the source of electricity that will power your Facebook profile.

Yes, coal — that 19th century technology, which happens to be the dirtiest source of energy and biggest contributor to global warming — will be burned in ever greater amounts with each photo shared and status update posted, unless Facebook changes its plans.”


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