Sustainable You

Sustainability and the Built Environment

4900: Wk 8 Interviews

Response due at the beginning of class 3/4. (Students in 6900 you do not need to answer Wk 8 5pt post).

Sustainable You 5pt post topic:

1.  First, please read your magazine article topic for this week (see below).

2.  After you have read your article topic for this week please  list the 3 people you plan to interview.

3.  Tell us why you’ve picked each of the 3 people to be interviewed.

Magazine Article Topic.

Hearing what our friends and family perceptions are of sustainability can help us gauge our knowledge levels on the subject matter. I would like for you over the spring break to informally interview 3 people in your life. Please interview them on the following questions, and after you’ve interviewed, please write up an article summarizing your interviews.  The finished article should include quotes from the interviews, and should include your opinion about the status of sustainability summarized from what you learned during the interviews (e.g. discuss if you are shocked by their level of understand – they know a lot, they know very little, ponder the misconceptions they might have, were you shocked by how they perceive your field of career choice and sustainability).

Questions to ask:

1.  Please define sustainability?

2. Please tell me about sustainable living?  Do you feel you live sustainably (have them give you examples)?

3. Tell them about your major in school, or your future career focus – Ask them to tell you how they think your field can contribute to sustainability?

4. Please tell me your thoughts about energy issues?  Prompt them with questions like  “What do you know about fossil fuels,”  “what do you know about renewable energy sources”, “what do you know about energy politics”, “Do you think the U.S. will ever be in a energy crisis”.   (Note to you, use this question to gauge their understanding of energy and energy issues, you can structure your questions and interview as needed, but in your article be able to write about the 3 people and their beliefs on energy and energy issues).

5.  You must develop 2 original questions to ask during your interviews relevant to your sustainability interests.  In the article please tell us the 2 original questions and the responses received.


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22 Responses

  1. Tiffany Ward says:

    2. I plan on interviewing my parents—Mark and Tammy Ward, my boyfriend’s parents—Ricky and Janice Powers, and my sixteen year old cousin—Brianna Prince.

    3. I am interested in formally interviewing my parents about the topic of sustainability because it is an issue we discuss relatively regularly in our household in terms of politics and money. I think cutting through the politics to talk about more than the cost of sustainability and sustainability research will be a challenge, and hopefully by doing so, I will be able to really understand their notions about true environmentally-conscious sustainability, instead of just the cost of sustainability.

    I would like to interview my boyfriend’s parents because Mr. Powers works for AT&T in Atlanta, and I am interested to here if he has any knowledge of AT&T’s sustainability practices.

    Finally, I am most interested in interviewing my sixteen year old cousin about sustainability because she goes to what is considered the premier high school in my home county. I would like to see if they are taking steps to pass down any sustainable habits, practices, or at least a working knowledge of sustainable to their currents students.

  2. valentinag18 says:

    1. i want to interview my mom, Sandra Gonzalez, because i think she has always cared about the environment so i think it’ll be an interesting interview.

    2. i’m going to interview my assistant coach, Andrea McCartney, because she does a very good job eating what’s good for her so i want so see if she does a good job of doing what’s right for the environment.

    3. i’m going to interview my little sister, Regina Gonzalez, because she is in high school and i want to know how much they teach them about sutainability. i think it’s a topic that’s very new but very important and educating at a young age will make the difference.

  3. Brittney K says:

    1. I want to interview my friend Cici Shutters because she is the one who first got me into recycling and “going green” a few years ago. She also worked for a non-profit org. in Athens that focuses on green living and the environment.

    2. I also want to interview my dad because I think he will have a totally different perspective than the other people i interview. He is conservative, right-wing, thinks global warming is something that is made-up by liberals, etc. So his interview will bring some variety into my article.

    3. Lastly, I want to interview my grandfather because he will bring an older generation’s point-of-view to the article. I am not even sure he know or thinks about these issues so it should be interesting.

  4. Michaelann Grady says:

    1. For my first interview, I would like to speak to my dad. My family owns a lumber company, so it will be interesting to see if my dad knows about any environmental practices upheld by the companies from which we buy our lumber. On the other hand, my dad is an avid hunter and suburban farmer, if you will. He hunts a lot and whatever he kills, we eat or he gives away for others to eat. We grow a good deal of our own vegetables and raise chickens for eggs and meat. Its fun and less expensive to live this way, but I’d like to hear his comments about sustainability.
    2. I’d also like to interview my boyfriend’s dad, Carey Rountree. He is the Senior VP of Sales/Marketing for the Aquarium in Atlanta. I think talking to him about any sustainable practices the Aquarium has in place would be interesting because it’s the largest aquarium in the world and obviously uses a LOT of water and produces a lot of waste. It would be cool to see what they do to recycle, reduce energy use, etc.
    3. Finally, I would like to talk to my youngest sister, Catherine. She is a sophomore in high school and I think hearing her perspective would be good. She goes to the same high school I did- private, Catholic, not too focused on sustainability. I would love to hear if any teachers have begun to talk about eco-friendly living in the 4 years I have been gone. Most of our sustainability education came from my dad and the media.

  5. Alice Knowlton says:

    1. First, I am planning on interviewing my dad. I think it will be very interesting to hear is opinions and thoughts on sustainability, or even what he thinks it means. I remember when I was working on a LEED project last semester and it suggested biking to work it made me laugh because I know my dad would absolutely never do that. So I think it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. He is also very conservative, so I will be interested to see how politics play into his opinions.

    2. Second, I am planning on interviewing my uncle, Hank Flint. He lives in Charlotte, NC and works for Coca Cola Bottling Company and I am curious to hear of any sustainable practices that they use in their company.

    3. Lastly, I am planning on interviewing my sister, Katherine. She is a senior in college at USC and when I told her I was taking a class on sustainability, the first thing she asked me was “what is sustainability?” So I think it will be really interesting to hear what she has to say after I explain a little about sustainability to her.

  6. Anne Hollwedel says:

    The people I plan on interviewing are:

    1) My Mom- she works in the environmental services branch of Arlington County, and even though she works HR, I feel like since she’s surrounded by people devoted to sustainability, she should know a good deal about it.

    2) My roommate, Mary- she’s a geography major and interned at the EPA with her parents, so I want to see what her answers to the questions would be.

    3) My Dad- I don’t think he’s completely knowledgeable about green practices other than what he hears from my mom, so I feel like he’s a good representation of the average consumer.

  7. Laura Latham says:

    1. I am planning on interviewing my dad, Dan Latham Jr. because he graduated high school in 1964 and was in college at Georgia Tech during the hippie movement. I think that someone from his generation will have an interesting to interview about sustainability since he was there when the idea first began to take hold.
    2. The next person I am planning on interviewing is my Granny because she grew up in the depression when resources were scarce and then was a young adult during World War II when you saved and reused everything. I believe these life events will give her an interesting perspective on sustainability.
    3. The last person I am going to interview is my boyfriend because he and I have very different views on politics and the environment. I am curious to see where he stands when it comes to energy use and other sustainable practices.

  8. Laura Murdock says:

    1. I plan on interviewing my boyfriend Ryan because he is a landscaper and it would be interesting to see a landscapers perspective on sustainability. He also doesn’t really buy into the whole sustainable concept and like most others think it’s pretty ridiculous. We use what Energy Star we can but mainly for rebates and do reduce utility bills (he really doesn’t do it for the environment).
    2. I’m interviewing my brother-in-law Andy because he’s a civil engineer and I’m interested to see what (if anything) his work does in sustainability. He may even have a complete opposing side to sustainability.
    3. The third person I am going to interview is my sister Mellany. She doesn’t deal with sustainability at all in her field. She is in the medical field. It would be interesting to learn if she does deal with sustainability at all. She’s very smart so she could very well know about sustainability, but who knows.
    All of the people I have chosen represent a good majority of the general public. All different concentrations in school and all different opinions on what they consider sustainable or “green.”

  9. Rebecca Sellers says:

    1. I first would like to interview my Dad. His interest in the environment was the motivating reason behind my interest in sustainability. He is a member of the Sierra Club and makes relatively sustainable choices in his lifestyle. I’ve never really talked to him about his view of sustainability, I just see it in the choices he makes, so I am interested to know what he thinks.

    2. I would also like to interview my brother, Matt. He is a civil engineer and I think he might understand some of the more complex levels of sustainability that I don’t think about. He also already incorporates sustainability in his lifestyle by recycling and composting.

    3. Lastly I would like to interview my sister and her husband. They also practice being sustainable in their lives. They also compost, recycle, eat mostly organic food, and use organic cleaning products. They also just had a baby, who is 7 months old, so I think it would be interesting to talk to them about how they are making sustainable decisions as adults. For example, I know that my sister makes her own baby food.

  10. Chris Wilson says:

    1. I’d like to interview my father. In the past four years he has been surrounded by sustainability at the Engineering Management firm he works for. I am interested to see how deep his knowledge about sustainability goes as he his not hold a LEED certificate.

    2. I would like to interview my girlfriend as well. She has no true sustainable background (lifestyle or professional), as she is a pre-med student. I want to see if any of my random conversations about sustainability I have had with her has given her a good idea of the concept.

    3. For the last interview I would like to talk with one of my Aunts that live in California. I hope to interview my aunt who works for Boeing to see if her company has any sustainable practices. I would also like to know if she has gained any knowledge of sustainability just from her daily life in California, a state that has shown some promising sustainable practices.

  11. Hannah Morris says:

    I am going to interview my dad, my grandmother, and my two supervisors Craig Scroggs and J Thorne Jr.

    1) I feel that hearing my dad’s point of view on sustainability would be interesting because I’m not sure if he is totally buying the idea or even interested in living sustainably.

    2) Interviewing my grandmother on her views of sustainability will put more of a spin on things for me. One reason being that she’s from an older generation and two being that she’s very adaptable to new ideas. I know that she recycles and tries to conserve energy however, I’m interested to see how far she would be willing to go.

    3) I want to interview my two intern supervisors because they both work in the ag field. I’m interested to see what steps their careers are taking towards sustainability.

  12. Taylor Jordan says:

    1. I plan on interviewing my father because he works for a lumber company, and I really want to know his views on the issue of sustainability.

    2. I am going to interview my friend Joe because he is extremely liberal, and I want to compare his views to a conservative friend of mine.

    3. I am going to interview my friend Alex because he is a die-hard conservative, and I want to compare his views to my friend Joe.

  13. Martha Douglas Peyton says:

    1. I am going to interview one of my roommates who is a marketing major, because after learning and researching about all of the greenwashing that goes on in products, it will be interesting to see what her view is on sustainability.

    2. I want to interview my brother and sister-in-law. They are new homeowners within the past year and I know they have done a lot of work to the already-renovated house they bought. I think it will be interesting to get their take on sustainability and see if they have any knowledge (and if they put it towards some of their recent projects).

    3. I am going to interview my boyfriend because he is the average college athlete that probably doesn’t think about or really even know what sustainability is. I’ve explained some things to him, but I don’t think he quite grasps the concept. He will be a good source of knowledge from the average consumer.

  14. Matt Twyne says:

    I want to interview my Dad, because he has always been very conservative and intolerant of “environmental” messages. I’m also fairly sure that his knowledge is minimal in this field.

    The second person I want to interview is Buck Dixon, the president of my fraternity. I want to interview Buck because I feel he is representative of a successful future leader within my age group.

    The third person I want to interview is my roommate, Kyle Christopherson. Kyle is pre-med and I think it would be interesting to see his perspective on how the medical field fits into a sustainable future.

  15. Corinne says:

    I plan to interview my mom, my aunt, and my cousin. I believe that my mom does not know as much about sustainability and by interviewing her I hope to enhance her knowledge on the subject. My aunt is a good source because she recycles and seems to be well aware of the environment. I would like to interview my cousin because he is very concerned about his health, eating right, and working out; I want to see if his views on sustainability are as strong as his views on his health & physical appearance.

  16. Lauren Edmunds says:

    I chose my interview subjects based on trying to attain a wide range of the following: age, gender, field of interest, & political affiliation. I believe that there are many variations of opinions on sustainability based on these four various topics. I want to be sure to have all of those ares represented in my findings.

    1) Dad
    Dear old Dad is going to be an interesting one to interview on this topic. I already know that he is as anti-global warming as it gets. In fact, I asked him to help me think of how I have experienced climate change for my article that asked about our personal take on it. His response? (and I quote…) “Tell them it doesn’t exist and to give you an “F” for the article.” WOW. Hopefully this interview doesn’t end with one of us on the ground. 😉 Wish me luck.

    2) Sally
    Sally is my 20-year college roommate. I believe she represents the young minds of sustainability for my interviews. I know that she is a business education major at UGA, so her background will be very different from mine. I am interested to know what her knowledge of sustainability is because if I am living with her, then any changes I decide to make in my apartment will affect her too. It will be great to get a good reading of her take on it first.

    3) Turner
    This is my friend who is in his later twenties. He is the closest of my interview subjects to buying a house in the near future. I would like to know if sustainability will factor into his homemaking decisions. I know that he has already purchased his first “adult vehicle,” so any questions about hybrid cars probably will not be at the forefront of his mind. He is coming from the field of advertising, which is obviously the industry that has the power to control greenwashing to a certain extent. I CAN’T wait to pick his brain on that topic. I wonder if he has a good grasp on that.

  17. Katie Butler says:

    1. My dad. I feel he would be a good person with a lot of knowledge because one of the project he is working on deals with sustainability. I would like to see how this project has helped his knowledge with this topic and how it compares to what we have learned in class.
    2. My roommate Megan. She is always trying to be savvy around our house by turning off the lights and keeping the air and things to what they are supposed to be at. I know they help the bills, but I wonder if she knows anything more than just that. I would love to see how she perceives the definition of sustainability other than helping our bills out.
    3. My grandpa. He just added on a new part of their home and I would love to know how they picked certain parts of their addition. If they picked based on sustainable items or if they did not even think about the options. He has added on a lot so I wonder if he learned anything as he built or just did it from prior knowledge.

  18. Jaclyn says:

    I would like to interview my stepmom. She has always been very practicing ways to conserve energy and protect the environment. I’d be interested to see what her views are on sustainability.

    The next person I would like to interview is my younger sister. I don’t think she knows that much about sustainability and I think it would be good for her to be aware of what she can do to be a positive impact on the environment.

    The last person I would like to interview is my roommate. She never recycled or turned off lights anytime she left the room…until she moved in with me! I’d like to see how her perspective on sustainability has developed over the last year.

  19. Hannah Ellis says:

    1) The first person I plan on interviewing is my Dad. He is currently back in school- working on getting his specialist degree in the education field at Georgia. For his thesis paper he is proposing the education of sustainability and sustainable design in middle and high schools. Since we are both studying this (in different ways) I am curious to get his take on the matter. I think it will be an enlightening interview where we can both speak openly about our thoughts on sustainability

    2) The second person I am interviewing is my roommate, Kelsey. She is one of my closest friends so I feel like she can speak openly with me about anything. I don’t typically bring up the topic of sustainability when we’re hanging around the house so I’m interested to hear, for the first time, what she has to say.

    3) My final interview will be with my boyfriend, Mike. He is very proud to call himself a scientist after receiving his Chemistry undergrad degree and now working on his Pharmacy degree, both at UGA. But when it comes to sustainability he openly admits that it doesn’t really do much for him. So his take will be interesting…

  20. Chris Crisler says:

    I first would like to interview my dad because of the disbelief he has in the sustainability conception. I’ll just say he’s from south GA and like most people in that region doesnt believe in wasting money in something that isnt related to what we have know.

    Second I would like to interview my brother’s wife’s father who sales poultry, and has an idea of whats going on with the movement of free grazing ideas and the belief of happy animals make happy food.

    Third I would like to interview my roommate who is getting his MBA and has ideas of sustainability and can relate them to business related transactions.

  21. Rachael G says:

    1. The first person I plan to interview is my mom. She has made changes in her life to live more sustainable because she thinks it is the “right thing to do,” (she is a very caring person). She doesn’t have much scientific background on the subject, but she is the type of person that saw the infamous polar bear on An Inconvenient Truth and felt a moral obligation to do her part.

    2. The second person I will interview is my step sister, Perri. She is 13 years old and I am very interested to see her views and knowledge on sustainability. At her age, she absorbs all of her information through tv, the media, and class mates. I would like to see how her knowledge differs from mine at that age.

    3. The third person I will interview is my sister, Katie. She just turned 18. Her knowledge of sustainability comes from her classes at school and from what I’ve seen at home, she makes an effort to do her part to recycle, turn off lights, etc.

    I think that by interviewing three different aged people I can get a feel for how people in different stages of their lives interpret climate change and sustainability.

  22. jenna yates says:

    I plan on interviewing my mother Jill Yates, my brother Ryan Yates and my aunt Judy Whitt.

    I would like to interview my mother because I have absolutely no idea of her perception of sustainability. I feel that she may be lacking in knowledge of the subject and hope that I can inform her of the information that I have learned in this class so far. I am also hoping that my sharing my knowledge can help her to make better environmental decisions in our home.

    I would like to interview my brother because he recently started a construction job in Atlanta, Ga. He took and passed the LEED exam and I am curious as to how he applies it to his current job. I am hoping that my interview with him might help me to better understand the LEED concept and how it is used in his field.
    Lastly, I want to interview my aunt because she is planning on remodeling her kitchen soon. I do not think that she has much knowledge on sustainability and would like to talk to her about it so that she can possibly make more environmentally conscious decisions with her new kitchen design. I plan on giving her some recommendations on the kitchen design as well.

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