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Extra Credit Opportunity

On Saturday, Jan 29, Athens is hosting the Green Life Athens Expo at the Classic Center.  I highly encourage you to attend the event.  By vising the website you’ll see that there are some great seminars.  Dr. Vick is presenting about Future of Green Buildings (which should be a great presentation).  But there are many other that should be interesting as well, plus you can easily recycle your batteries and electronics at this event. I always have this huge bag of batteries in my drawer that need to be disposed of properly but I never have anywhere to take them easily.

Now, about the extra credit points, if you attend you can get 5pts per “Seminar Session” you attend and report on (maximum points earned is 15pts).  To report your seminar session please do the following:

1) Show me a phone photo or camera photo of you at the Green life expo (you can just show me the photo in class). You know, a picture of you by a sign of the event or a booth.

2) For each session you attend you must write a re-cap of what you learned from the presenation:

2a. Who was the presenter?

2b. what was the topic presented?

2c.  List 3-5 things you learned during this seminar session?

2d.  Did you feel this presenter was “objective” or did you feel like they were “preaching” to you?  Did you respond positively or negatively to their message?

3. You must submit your typed report(s) on each session at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Feb 1st.


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