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The most stylish thing I own

The two most stylish things in my life: Laney and the bag

During Tuesday’s class I mentioned that I think I own the best  reusable shopping bag. I was telling Laney about the conversation from class and she said I should send you a photo of the most stylish thing I own. Although she demanded that she must be in the photo.

My pantry tells the truth of my reusable bag consumption



But the story doesn’t end at the photo of the best bag in the world being held by the best baby in the world, I then proceeded to go to the website where I bought the bag just to check things out, right?  I then ended up buying 8 new bags for personal use.  Seriously, I already own 30 or more reusable bags, and I think the class needs to stage an intervention because I’m starting to think I have a reusable shopping addiction.  But it is like guilt free consumption because the bags are REUSABLE, oh the irony of it all. Plus, I really needed more of the little bags for my lunch and Lane’s lunch when we both go to school.  And then the messenger bag was on sale and you never know when you might need an obnoxious messenger bag, especially because can’t you totally see me wearing that because I love bright colors as you’ve seen by my wardrobe choices?!  And then of course, I really needed to replace my main purse/bag thingy so I thought this little inexpensive cotton tote in black would be fun for a bit.

Isn’t consumption a funny thing?!


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2 Responses

  1. Sara Valles says:

    OMG! She is beautiful!!! And that is a cute bag!

  2. Kristen A. says:

    She needs to come to class…..

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