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Sustainability and the Built Environment

Faculty Approved FYO Events

Sustainable UGA Weekly Update

To promote sustainability-related events on the UGA campus

and in the Athens community

The Campus Sustainability Grants Program is back for its second year! The program provides funding for competitive, student-proposed projects and initiatives designed to advance campus sustainability through education, research, service and operations.

Events and Opportunities This Week

1. Ecology Seminar and Book Signing

When: Tuesday, Dec. 6, 4 – 6 p.m.

Where: Ecology auditorium

What: Jianguo Liu, who received his P.h.D in ecology from UGA in ’92, will discuss his new book, “Sources, Sinks and Sustainability,” which was inspired by the work of ecology Professor Emeritus H. Ronald Pulliam. A reception and book signing with Liu and Pulliam will follow the seminar, and copies of the book will be available for purchase.

2. Georgia Oceans and Health Initiative Seminar

When: Thursday, Dec. 8, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Where: Coverdell Center, room 175

What: Jessica Jones from the FDA’s Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory, will present her work on Haitian water and seafood quality in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

3. Rain Barrel Seminar

When: Seminar is Dec. 12; registration open until filled

Where: ACC Water Resources Center, 780 Barber St.

What: Athens-Clarke County’s Water Conservation Office is hosting a rain barrel workshop for residents interested in rainwater harvesting. Workshop is $20 and includes the rain barrel you’ll learn to make.


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One Response

  1. JoAnn M says:

    1. To me, sustainability is the act of being able to maintain into the future. For instance, electric cars are a relatively new item to the market, but are the perfect example of sustainability. Not only are they using less natural resources, they are also not putting more harmful emissions into the air. I do not personally own an electric car, but my bicycle does the same things. It is a very eco-friendly way of transportation for me and helps to sustain the environment.
    2. I believe people can live in a sustainable manner in a number of ways. If sustainability truly is being able to maintain into the future, it would not only include eco-friendly behaviors. It could also be using a better quality of paint for your walls that has a longer life than a cheaper brand. It could also include planting a grass that produces seeds and can reproduce, opposed to one that does not. To live sustainable, you must be conscious of the decisions you make and their effects. The effects must be positive and offer benefit to its host, whether it be the Earth or your home.
    3. In my future, I hope to own my own jewelry store. With this goal in mind, I believe there will be several opportunities to participate in sustainable activities. My store could provide recyclable bags for our customers. We could have low flow toilets for our restrooms and fluorescent light bulbs throughout the store. All of these activities will have a positive impact to our environment.
    4. My LILI score was a 77.
    5. I’m not very sure what an average LILI score is, but I feel that mine is reasonable. It could be higher, but I feel where mine fell was due to my home and its systems being a little older. My husband and I also don’t recycle, which was one obvious fix to getting a higher score that we could do.

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