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4900/6900: SY #3 Health and Stress

Response due at the beginning of class on 1/26.

One of the main risks to health is our stress levels. Research suggests that the higher our stress levels that our health tends to decline, and as we age, we tend to incur more stress and subsequently experience health issues. According to the 1 in 2 American’s has a chronic disease. Part of the tricky balance of life is having it all while maintaining a healthy balance. Yet many speculate that our modern life of constantly being on (“attentional fatigue” as discussed in class) and that we have little downtime that moves us away from stress (i.e. phone, text, facebook, etc..) is harmful to our health.

Read this short article Washington Post article on Stress and Your Body

1. Take these two quick stress quizes:

Quiz 1: College Undergraduate Quiz.  4900 please all take this quick quiz. And tally up your score and if you are comfortable report your score (it is okay if you prefer to keep your score private or share it).   6900 students do not need to take this quiz.

Quiz 2: After College Stress Management Test, and tell us your stress score.  I would like both 4900/6900 to take this quiz.  4900 – I  know that a lot of the questions on this quiz will be more relevant to you when you graduate college, but I think it is good for students to start thinking about the implications of their stress and then what that will mean when you take on more and more life responsibility over the next 4-8 years.

(I just took mine and I got a 259 which means 51% chance of stress related illness, ekkkk…..).

2. Do you think stress has or is affecting your body today?

3. What things do you do now to manage stress?

4. Do you think after school your stress will increase or decrease as you enter the job force, develop complex relationships, etc…

5. Consider the things on the list of the Stress Management Test how will you prepare now to lower stress if and when you encounter those events?

6.  Why do you think I have you discussing stress in a class about Sustainability and the Built Environment?

As always, be thoughtful, use critical thought, and develop high-order thoughts regarding stress in your life.

Also, I’m not going to post an example “comment” this week because I think you understand the quality of answers I am seeking.


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  1. Adam Nowaczyk says:

    1. Take these two quick stress quizes:
    Quiz 1: College Undergraduate Quiz. 4900 please all take this quick quiz. And tally up your score and if you are comfortable report your score (it is okay if you prefer to keep your score private or share it). I got a 693. I think in terms of the overall score that’s pretty low, but it makes sense to me that feeling 26% of the stress.

    Quiz 2: After College Stress Management Test, and tell us your stress score. I would like both 4900/6900 to take this quiz. 4900 – I know that a lot of the questions on this quiz will be more relevant to you when you graduate college, but I think it is good for students to start thinking about the implications of their stress and then what that will mean when you take on more and more life responsibility over the next 4-8years. I got a 90 on this test which is Below 150 – 35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years. I would have expected it to be higher, but the questions were worded in such a way that I haven’t done a lot of things in the last 12 months, but I do have an underwater mortgage and I will be moving in the next 6 months, but didn’t factor those in because they haven’t happened yet.

    2. Do you think stress has or is affecting your body today? Yeah, it’s pretty much a daily thing for me. I tend to obsess over things that don’t need to be obsessed over.

    3. What things do you do now to manage stress? I “try” to exercise or do deep breathing exercise. I take an anti-anxiety prescription called Pristiq, which has really done wonders in terms of anxiety and stress management. It’s not an end-all, but it has been very effective. I also have prescribed a pill called Clonazepam, which is great for travel anxiety, flying is the worst thing in the world when you’re 6’4”. When flying 8+ hour flights my body feels awful after getting off of the plane, physically feeling awful contributes to stress, the Clonazepam helps to reduce or eliminate that stress.

    4. Do you think after school your stress will increase or decrease as you enter the job force, develop complex relationships, etc… Decrease. I think I put too much pressure on myself in terms of school. In school you’re working for the goal of graduating, one mistake in a class can result in you have to take an entire semester of that class over again. The stakes are higher in college. In college we are preparing for the work force, which I think if you’re better prepared for that you will probably have a lot less stress over it.

    5. Consider the things on the list of the Stress Management Test how will you prepare now to lower stress if and when you encounter those events? Well, I’ve moved to different states several times in my life, and the process is never an easy one, so being prepared for it will be difficult. We’re moving in August, but I have already started the process of cleaning and packing. We are putting our home on the market today, so I just need to accept the fact that we’re screwed in that regard. I think I handle death well, but if my wife Sarah died, I don’t know what I’d do, that is something I’ll never be prepared to deal with no matter the age, she’s just too wonderful and irreplaceable.

    6. Why do you think I have you discussing stress in a class about Sustainability and the Built Environment? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is how our physical health affects our stress levels. If we live in a clean environment (no toxic household cleaners, items) I think we have a better chance of being healthy. Secondly, sustainable living environments are often associated with financial savings. Saving money (on its own) never caused anyone stress, so I think there is a cost-stress benefit associated with saving money on utility bills as well as not having re replace bulbs, fixtures as much.
    As always, be thoughtful, use critical thought, and develop high-order thoughts regarding stress in your life.
    Also, I’m not going to post an example “comment” this week because I think you understand the quality of answers I am seeking.

  2. Megan Greene says:

    1. I scored 1193 on the College Undergraduate Quiz and 165 on the After College Stress Management Test. I have a 51% chance of illness or accident.
    2. I think that stress is affecting my body now more than ever. Transitioning to the college atmosphere and moving far away from home has caused me to have a lot of anxiety lately. At home, I would normally sleep through the entire night. However, at college I usually wake up multiple times every night thinking about all of the things I must get done or have to do the next day. Even though I spend less time in class than I did in high school, the amount of outside of work to be done for each class is very stressful. The main way I can tell if I am stressed is just by looking at my face. I tend to break out when stress is affecting my body, and I notice that this happens around times when I have multiple tests in the same week or a lot of assignments due around the same point in time.
    3. I try to manage my stress as best as I can. I think that exercising helps me to distract my focus from the stressful things in my life. After working out I always feel accomplished and very satisfied with myself. I also prefer to set time aside each day for relaxing. Watching TV or listening to music before I go to sleep helps me to de-stress from a hectic day.
    4. I think that my stress level will decrease as I progress forward in my life. I feel the need to do very well in school to ensure that I have the credentials to get a job in the future. I put pressure on myself to accept nothing less than perfection in school. Once I obtain a job, it is my choice whether or not I want to move up on my career ladder. Also, I am still in the process of taking core classes, so some are not really of interest to me. Some subjects are really boring or are very confusing which can add to my stress level. I feel that when I enter the job force I will be involved with a career that appeals to me, and I will enjoy working. After securing a job, it is less likely that I will have to worry about studying for tests or things of that nature that have been the main cause of anxiety in my years of education.
    5. Death of a family member is always a tough situation to handle. Thankfully, it does not happen that often. My great-grandmother passed away last year, and it really helped having my other family members there to talk to. I think that sharing how you feel and hearing others’ opinions is always more helpful than holding your feelings in and secluding yourself. Changing residence and starting my first year at UGA was definitely more stressful and difficult than I thought it was going to be. I felt like an outsider because everyone already had friends here from their hometown or high school, and I had no one since I was from out-of-state. In the future, if I am ever put in this kind of situation again, I need to be more outgoing with others. I can’t always expect people to come up to me and make the effort to be friends; sometimes I need to do it too. Minor violations of the law are also a cause of stress. Having to worry about getting caught and the punishment is stressful enough. It is best to not partake in risky behavior in order to avoid the stress that comes with those activities.
    6. I think that you are having us discuss stress in a class about Sustainability and the Build Environment because most of the issues we are talking about cause people stress. If we were living sustainably, a lot of worries would be nonexistent. People would not have to worry about their children not having water available to drink in the future years. People would not have to worry about our environment being destroyed by harmful waste products. People would not have to worry about the future effects of their decisions made today. I think that solving at least some issues involving sustainability would help to reduce the stress of many people worldwide.

  3. ashley Walker says:

    1. quiz 1: 478
    quiz 2 : score of 200 – 51% chance of illness or accident
    2. yes I do believe stress has affected my body in the past because there was a time that I suffered from constant headaches. It was not migraines but it was just a constant annoying headache and it was at a time when we had to move and we only had a week to find a place to move to and move all of our stuff from one place to another. Also I try not to let college stress me out. I learned a long time ago to not stress over the things you can not change, just accept it.
    3. now for me to manage stress I meditate or pray for a hour sometimes two depending on how stressed I am. I use to exercise but I don’t seem to have enough time in the day to get a workout in. Also I take long hot showers and just clear my mind and remotely think about nothing at all just to give my brain a rest from constantly thinking or “stressing”.
    4. I believe my stress level will rise a bunch after graduation. I have my wedding to plan, I have to worry about paying off these school loans, Me and my fiance are looking for a house to buy and I am in the process of looking for a job. So yes I do believe my stress level will rise but because I am already in the process of planning these things out and executing them out my stress level wont rise much more than it already is.
    progressing in life as these milestones are reached my stress level will decrease because I wont have to worry about them anymore.
    5. I feel like some of these situations are nearly next to impossible to prepare yourself for such as death of a family member or coming to terms with becoming terminally ill. The best way that I could prepare myself or lower my stress levels in a time like that would be to just continue to do the things that I do now to keep my stress level low. To make sure that i am taking much needed me time to keep myself level headed and to not let the stress of these inevitable events not take a complete toll on my health.
    6. our physical health depends on how long we live in some cases. Stress being a factor sometimes between life and death is the reason you have us talking about stress in this class. stress can bring about many life changing health issues. So the better we know how to manage our health in a way that it wont be detrimental to our health the better chance wee have of sustaining ourselves and our health.

  4. Ari Strickland says:

    1) Quiz 1: I scored 1541, with little suprise to me. I have a bitchy roommate who I try and get along with, I’m trying to find a place for next year, I recently got a new job, been dealing with relationship drama, and with all of this trying my hardest to maintain my HOPE scholarship. It DID say females scored higher, and I am true to the statistic.

    Quiz 2: My Score: 282; 51% chance of illness or accident. That seems understandable for all of the things as i mentioned above. But 50/50 no problems or harm?! that’s CRAZY the impact that stress has on our lives and attention. Its obviously not a luck thing, but when you pile too much on your own plate you can’t possibly be as careful and responsible as you need to be to be 100% safe and healthy. Wow. 50/50 that’s alarming..

    2. Do you think stress has or is affecting your body today?
    Absolutely!! I am CONSTANTLY tired and constantly figuring out that i’m behind in some class reading or missed an assignment or am 10 minutes late for work. My life is overwhelming!! aand i went to jail for doing a good deed and helping a friend who ran out of gas (i have a limited permit, so thats outside of my limits)..handcuffs and everything! TALK ABOUT i have to deal with court…-sigh-

    3. What things do you do now to manage stress?
    YOGA, ah i love going to’s like my church. i literally let go of everything i’ve thought about or dealt with and give it all to the Almighty. I sleep LATE when i have days off, so i feel like rest in general helps as well. I need to pawn off some work responsibilities or for me is getting a little out of hand.

    4. Do you think after school your stress will increase or decrease as you enter the job force, develop complex relationships, etc…
    I think stress will decrease a little, because i’ll be more grounded in where i’m going with my life. I don’t think there will be a dramatic drop in stress levels unless i move to the carribbean with my boyfriend and just drop life as i know it (which he threatens as what we’re gonna do every time the government announces another ridiculous policy, or we have run-ins with the police haha) Seriously though, marriage, a baby, a job, a new HOME..all equally stressful..i don’t expect a big increase, cause i’m barely living right now.

    5. Consider the things on the list of the Stress Management Test. How will you prepare now to lower stress if and when you encounter those events?
    Seeing a list of horrible things that could always potentially happens makes me aware of how easily something bad could happen. Yoga has taught me to pause, breathe, then respond instead of immediately reacting irrationally. so i’m good at not freaking out, but little amounts of stress add up. Patience is key, and one thing im constantly working on.

    6. Why do you think I have you discussing stress in a class about Sustainability and the Built Environment?
    Bodies make up the Earth. Healthy bodies make a Healthy thriving Earth. It only makes sense to take care of yourself, as your contribution to the planet. Also, our built environment can cause more stress than we realize and taking the time to make a note of the shit that we put ourselves through can make us consciously lessen our workload and become healthier, happier beings.

    **i posted this with LOTS of heart and thought, but it wasn’t very formal in style. If you’d rather me do it formally let me know..this was just so easy to let my thought juices flow out efficiently c:

  5. Melodie Bundrage says:

    1. Quiz 1 N/A – 6900 student
    Quiz 2 – My score was 263 51% chance of illness or accident but I was curious enough to also retake the quiz pretending that is was three years ago when more items on the list happened all within one year and the score was 448 80% chance of illness or accident just to see if it was true to life and it was because I did take on a new major illness in that year.

    2. Do you think stress has or is affecting your body today? Stress definitely affects my body today. What is sad is the lasting effect on the body as I still deal with the illness that onset during my heightened time of stress. Stress many times although you may not feel it daily has irreversible consequences.

    3. What things do you do now to manage stress?
    To manage stress, I try to maintain a hobby, spend time with at least once a month doing something that I truly enjoy even if it is by myself (no kids), go outside when the weather is nice just to enjoy the day, plan my schedule ahead of time to prevent last minute rush and accidents, listen to relaxing music, and attend church services to be inspired and forget about any worries that may exist.

    4. Do you think after school your stress will increase or decrease as you enter the job force, develop complex relationships, etc… I expect my stress level to decrease when I get out of school. I am at the stage in life where I am already married with children, homeowner, career changes, relocated to city of choice etc. and the goal of being in school again is to truly have this time around the career of my dreams. Once that happens, I expect normal politics and work arrangements to need to settle in place wherever I am teaching and researching but overall I will have mastered my duties and will be involved in enjoyable work.

    5. Consider the things on the list of the Stress Management Test how will you prepare now to lower stress if and when you encounter those events? Most of the items on the Stress Management list I have been through already in life not saying some can’t repeat but if they do the stress level would be less because I could look back to see all was well in the end the first time around.

    6. Why do you think I have you discussing stress in a class about Sustainability and the Built Environment? Stress is one part of life that you can learn to control yourself once you are aware of stress factors and how it can be managed. Managing your stress level increases your health and allows the cells in the body to combat other hazardous effects on the body outside of your control (environmental or within the man made built environment). Also, we must see our body as the ultimate and most important built environment (of cells and systems).

  6. Katherine Holland says:

    1. My score for Quiz #1 was 383. My score for Quiz #2 was 59, which is below 150, so I have a 35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years.

    2. I think stress affects my body a little bit every day. I believe that stress is something that is overcome with mind over matter tactics, which is something I have self-taught myself over the years. I used to let everything stress me out and I would get very overwhelmed about a lot of tasks. I have learned that it is much easier and more effective if I write everything down that I want to accomplish that day and if I don’t get to it, I can pick it up the next day. I try to handle one task at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself. The biggest thing for not creating extra stress is not being so hard on my actions and myself. I know that I am trying my best and that is all I can do. If I try my best and don’t succeed, I learn from my mistakes and do better the next time.

    3. To manage my stress, I try to do things slowly. I used to rush through everything to accomplish more which actually caused more stress! I am very organized, therefore I find that writing everything down helps me to see what I have to do and prioritize my time. Mentally I take deep breaths and focus on tasks one at a time when I am feeling stressed or about to get overwhelmed. Not being so hard on myself has made a huge difference in my stress levels, and knowing I am trying my best helps keep my spirits up.

    4. I think that after school I will actually have a decrease in stress. School is very hard for me, and I feel that hopefully having a job that I enjoy will create more confidence and happiness in my life. I know that sometimes a job can create “homework,” presentations, etc… but it will be for work and I will probably enjoy them. I will not miss the tests in school. Tests are not my forte. My stress levels are going down right now just thinking about not having so many tests!! I am excited to enter into the work world. I know that I will continue to have some stress in my life and my work after school but it will be a new challenge I am ready to face when the time comes.

    5. After considering the things on the list of the Stress Management Test, I am already thinking of ways on how to prepare myself to lower stress if and/or when I encounter the events listed. Some if the events listed are very extreme and I do not wish them upon anyone, but they do happen and we must be prepared for them. I think that because these events were brought to my attention in advance I will be better prepared for them and less stressed when they take place. As for some of the events, I really don’t think you can prepare for them until they happen. My reactions could be completely different when they actually take place. I will remember that whatever happens I will continue to work on improving my life and focus on the good over the bad. It is important to constantly move forward and not to let things get you down. I like to say that life is a constant battle, but it is a battle worth fighting because it feels so good when your winning.
    6. I think you have us discussing stress in this class because the way we handle and carry our stress is effective in the areas of sustainability and the built environment. I believe sustainability means “preserving” or “making something last.” Stress can take a huge physical and mental toll on our bodies. The way we handle stress can affect the way our bodies age and develop over time. I feel this relates to sustainability and the built environment because we treat our bodies as we treat our environment by helping it grow and change for the better over time. We only want the best for our mental and physical health as we only want the best for our environment. We should take care of ourselves in similar ways as we take care of our surroundings. Both topics seem to relate, connect, and interfere with each other; therefore, we should do our best at preserving both!

  7. Kelsey Savell says:

    SY 3
    1.My score for the first quiz was well below average (838) as well as my score for the second quiz (90).

    2.I try hard to maintain a balanced, low-stress lifestyle largely because I have felt the effects of extreme stress on my body before. When I have had to endure periods of severe stress in the past (e.g. finals week), I have noticed that I can easily fall victim to mood swings, skin break outs, headaches, sleep troubles, and chain smoking. I don’t think I have any long-term consequences from stress yet, but I know that they take a while to manifest and I have not been looking for them.

    3.On a daily basis, I try to simply be mindful of my stress level. I try to spend some time to myself every day, doing something I like to do or just sitting by myself. I also have a designated area in my home for relaxation. I do not do homework there or any other obligatory task. That area has come to mean a lot to me. During times when I am particularly stressed, I try to remind myself that stressing about it is not going to change the situation. I vent to friends and get compfrt and support from them. Bubble baths help me after a long day. Meditation helps me clear my head.

    4.After I graduate, I plan on going to law school, and I expect my stress level to increase significantly. I doubt even the most effective stress reduction techniques will allow me to maintain a normal level of stress during that time because of the enormous demands I will be facing. Once I finish law school and pass the bar, I imagine my stress level will return to roughly what it is now.

    5.I cannot begin to imagine how I would cope with the events listed at the top of the test. I know a few people who have had to go through some of those events, and even years later they have trouble articulating how they were able to get past it. I imagine that I will continue to cope with stress in much the same way that I do now, leaning on friends and relying on techniques that I know work for me.

    6.Right now we are talking about how the built environment affects our health, and stress is a part of that discussion. Kopec talks about how the modern world places more and more demands on us, and I can definitely see how that is true. An increase in demands will inevitably increase a person’s stress level. Advertising alone often causes me attentional fatigue and can also have a desensitizing effect on how I view the outside world. The built environment in the industrialized world is increasingly invasive—first into our homes through the radio and TV, and now, I think, is increasingly invading our minds. My surroundings demand more and more of my attention every day.

  8. Mary Alice Jasperse says:

    1.) Quiz 1: I scored a 1025, which is below the mean of sample audiences, so I guess that’s okay? I think I’m pretty stressed out for my normal self this semester because I either have to get into law school/another grad program or find a job at the end of this semester. Horrifying. I am finding that the “being in a relationship” category should probably be worth more stress points, especially for graduating seniors. Where is he going to med school? Where am I going to law school? How can we make the geography work? I am the less stressed out of the two of us, so I am constantly trying to appear level-headed and calm. These questions and situations are constantly taxing, and I’m sure there’s no end in sight.
    Quiz 2: I scored a 147, which means I have a 35% chance of illness or accident within the next 2 years. I think I probably will score much higher if I take this test again in 3-5 years. All of the stresses I am currently dealing with will be compounded again and again in the next half decade. Buying a house, setting up my life, these things sound pretty daunting because I want to get it right the first time.

    2.) Stress is affecting my body today. I am not even hungry for lunch because I have a million things to do on my lunch break. I am waiting for a recommendation to come in before I can submit my application to a law school, which closes priority for scholarships (and it’s a private school so I need scholarship money) on February 1st. It’s frustrating to have my entire application complete except for my recommendation, which was postponed for reasons outside my control capacity. I also have tons and tons of reading to do for multiple classes tomorrow, and I need to be mentally prepared for my weekend activities. And my car’s out of gas. I’m not sure if I’m gonna even make it to the gas station without my tank going dry.

    3.) I am going to the gym consistently for the first time this semester. While sometimes it presents a whole new combination of stresses (rushing over to the gym, hoping to get there on time; planning my whole night activities around making it to my spin class, neglecting my dinner-cooking in order to make it to my spin class), I do feel a sense of accomplishment when I leave. It has been refreshing. Also, I am reading many small books for many classes this semester. I try to position myself in a peaceful area while reading. Outside, a comfy chair, someplace that I can look forward to sitting. The weather for the past two days has definitely helped my stress levels. I suffer from a mild case of seasonal depression and the sunshine definitely helps.

    4.) My stress levels will definitely, definitely increase within the next couple of years. I am trying to combat this by positioning myself in a living environment that is comfortable and stress-free. I hope to live in a place where I can grow some of my own vegetables and herbs, or in an area very close to a community garden. These things are hard to forecast because I have no idea which city/part of the state/part of the country I will be living in 6 months from now. I guess the best I can do is try to think of ways to create home as a physical “happy place” (as opposed to the figment of the imagination “happy place”) that is not stress-inducing and take it day by day.

    5.) Going off my answer to question four, I think most of these life “steps” become more stressful when you dwell on their inevitability. So, I try to view them as big but surmountable events. The best I can do for now is to try and stay on top of my work and make to-do lists and refined to-do lists and reduce my stress by taking care of business. As previously mentioned, my home surroundings make a great deal of difference in my happiness. When I surround myself with comfortable surroundings and establish a good routine, my stress levels decrease.

    6.) It is extremely important to discuss stress when talking about the sustainable nature of the built environment. If you’re constantly having to buy new things and throw old things away, everything is temporary and unreliable. It is much less stressful for me when I can count on objects to be there for a while. The way I view sustainability in a built environment is a less input, less output, less clutter, more utilization of space (through herb pots or small gardens), and a feeling of self-accomplishment and dependability. If our homes are not low-stress havens, then we will constantly be stressed out. These should be the places where we feel most relaxed.

  9. Cameron Gordon says:

    1. I took the tests and scored 1190 and 300, respectively.

    2. Do you think stress has or is affecting your body today? Stress can be very taxing, both physically and mentally, and in short absolutely stress affects my body, even on a daily basis. I have undergone some radical scheduling and lifestyle adjustments since the new year, and undoubtedly i feel the change on my body. While my sleep habits, eating habits, and physical activity levels have been affected by stress – I do believe that given a period of time our body will acclimate to such conditions. Situations themselves don’t change a whole lot regardless of our stress levels, so whilst it makes certain activities uncomfortable, stress itself is an unavoidable fact of life.

    3. What things do you do now to manage stress? My way of dealing with stress is typically to ignore it as long as possible. I employ exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation to manage daily stress as best I can. However, when I hit my quota and the levee breaks I try to focus the overabundance of tension into an engrossing task, all other objectives aside, in order to deplete the stress and avoid making impulsive decisions. Attempting to harness the energy of stress seems to me the best way to to help overcome certain stresses, whether they be extrinsic or intrinsic to problems.

    4. Do you think after school your stress will increase or decrease as you enter the job force, develop complex relationships, etc… I have observed in other people, of various ages, stress levels tend to fluctuate as we get older and more responsible. I think that facing the daunting challenges of trying to enter the work force, buy a home, and even to start a family will be stressful until I get used to the new situation whatever it may be. I think that my stresses may rise initially, then taper off until some new situation arises, just to stress me out. If life intends to throw me some curve balls I will attempt to face the stress with a firm resolve and a little bit of grace.

    5. Consider the things on the list of the Stress Management Test how will you prepare now to lower stress if and when you encounter those events? There are some things that we have no control over that none of our experience will prepare us for as life goes on. I think that the best way to deal with it is to attempt to use some foresight and become practical in the way of dealing with new situations. I like to keep an open mind when approached with new ways of thinking, and try assimilate those that I can into my own life. Further honing stress management skills and seeking out new ways to deal with the world at large is essential to avoid becoming stressed later in life.

    6. Why do you think I have you discussing stress in a class about Sustainability and the Built Environment? In order to foster sustainability in the world around us, we ourselves must be sustainable. If everyone was too stressed out to act proactively, striving for sustainability would be very difficult. In this respect, the thoughts and ideas discussed in class would become less achievable. This is why it is important discuss and be mindful of stress in our lives, for all of our mutual benefit and to mitigate the negative effects of the beast, the beast known as stress.

  10. Katie Jones says:

    1. I scored a 1,279 on the first test and a 147 on the second test. Both these scores were a little lower than I expected. I have a mild case of anxiety disorder so thought that my stress level would be considered higher. I think the reason that it was so low was that most of my stress comes from school and from over thinking things in my head… not from specific things happening in my life.

    2. Yes I definitely think that stress effects my body both mentally and physically. In the past year, I have had 3 panic attacks and those make my body and my hormones go hay-wire. I get random pimples and blackheads on my face when I am stressed and have difficulty falling asleep at night. It also affects the texture of my face, making it much more dull and dry. When I am stressed I have a huge difficulty focusing on simple everyday tasks and find myself snapping at my family and friends over the littlest things. I also have difficulty staying in the present instead my brain either thinks of things that I need to get done or of things that I regret from the past. My shoulders and back also become extremely sore and tight. It takes a professional massage to bring my muscles back to normal. My teeth have also suffered from my stress levels. When I am anxious, my jaw tightens and I grind my teeth at night causing an unusual amount of gum recession. In addition, I become mentally worn down overtime from too much stress.

    3. I have many things I do to manage my stress levels. Yoga is a great way to mentally relieve all the stress in my life but can be hard to schedule into my daily routine. For my more day to day routine, my favorite way to manage my stress is to take a nice walk outside. I am able to power walk/run and always come back to my house feeling refreshed and better about any situation going on in my life. Since my stress comes mostly from situations in my head, I normally like to distract myself by doing something I enjoy or watching a movie a enjoy. I also like to clean my room/house when I am stressed. I can always think better when I am living in a tranquil environment. In addition, driving around for a few minutes to clear my head can also be a great stress reliever.

    4. I think my stress levels will remain relatively the same. Although I don’t have class all day, I feel like I am basically at work because my teachers give me so much out of class assignments and readings. Actually, when I had a 9-6 M-F job this summer, I found myself less stressed because once I left work, I didn’t think about work until the next day whereas with school I feel like there is always something I need to be doing. Although, I do think starting a family is a stressful time in ones life, I feel like because I will have a life partner to help me during that time, it won’t seem as daunting and overwhelming.

    5. I think in order to prepare myself for possible situations that could happen in my life, I need to actually not think/ over-think those situations and just deal with each new day as it comes. As long as I work on who I am now, I hopefully will then be a better, more mature person when those things actually happen . I need to keep my trust in my religion and remember to believe that everything happens for a reason. I can’t control what happens in my life but I can control how I choose to react. I need to continue to surround myself with positive people and not add stress by worrying about the future.

    6. As we discussed in the first week of class, sustainability doesn’t just have to do with “going green”. In actuality, sustainability starts first with sustaining our minds and our bodies before we can make the conscious effort to help those things around us. Why should we care about our world and our environment if we don’t even take the time to care about ourselves. In order to properly take care of ourselves, we must recognize and correct the stress in our lives for if we are stressed, nothing else can run smoothly. Sustainability is like one big linked chain that can’t really work unless we consciously participate in life.

  11. Briana Martinez says:

    1. After college stress management test: I scored a 268. This means I have a 51% chance of becoming ill due to stress.
    2. I know for sure that stress is affecting my body. When I’m stressed my shoulders tighten up to excruciating levels, it has been to the point where they get so bad that I have had to take medication to relieve the tension. I know this is all due to stress because I am completely fine when I am on vacation.
    3. To manage stress, I try my hardest to get proper rest, have a healthy balanced diet, and make myself aware of things that are causing me stress. With the things that I identify that are causing me stress, I try to group them into two categories: what I actually should be stressed about, and things that are really not a big deal. Then I try to calm myself down by breathing or really analyzing the stresses (the ones in the not a big deal category) to de-stress the situation.
    4. I think after school stress can go both ways. Stress is something that is always present in life; you just learn how to manage it better. When I finished my masters I was super stressed until I found some type of income, and then I wasn’t really stressed anymore, and after working a couple of months and deciding I couldn’t keep doing this I became stressed again at the concept of an unknown future. So if you love what you do once you finish school it is ideal to say that stress will decrease however that’s t just one factor of a very complex life. Relationships, deaths, births, change in lifestyle…all of that can cause stress therefore stress is a like a roller-coaster. There will be times when your stress is at its peak and then there are the moments where you are just having a good time with minimal stress.
    5. There are some items on the list such as birth and death where no matter how hard you prepare for such an occasion (having wills and arrangements in order, baby room) that you will still be stressed regardless. Other items such as the financial ones can have stress alleviated by preparing in advance. One can start a 401k, a savings account, keep an eye on one’s credit usage, doing all or a combination of these can help alleviate the stress of financial change. For me personally, after the death of my grandpa last year, I made sure that I knew of my parents’ burial wishes as well as to ascertain if they had a living will. Financially I have a saving account that has helped me on several occasions with unpredictable financial trouble. While I was still stressed during these times I can only imagine what it could have been like if I had not taken any precautionary measures.
    6. I believe when talking about the built environment, stress is a very important factor as we, humans, are a part of that built environment. We cannot create a healthy planet if we don’t first start with ourselves. Stress is known to be the starting point for many onset of illness. “Stress is a killer” is not a phrase that is said in jest but one that illuminates the power of one’s mind of one’s well-being. So how can we as humans work together to fix and improve our planet if we do not first start by helping ourselves.

  12. Heather B. says:

    2. I know stress has affected me today. I spent a sleepless night worrying about everything I had to do today- getting up earlier than usual, taking a quiz in class, getting to all of my classes on time, attempting to learn new concepts in class, getting to my barn to work my horse before possible rain set in, realizing I needed to buy new tack for her- with what funds?, creating my resume and sending it to a potential employer, attempting to work through problems in my relationship with my on-again off-again boyfriend- finding particular difficulty in trying to schedule when we can see each other as he lives in Atlanta, failing at cooking dinner, scheduling time to work out, stressing about how much/what I’m eating, stressing about money, rushing to complete all assignments on time, taking care of my dog, trying to maintain the peace between my puppy and a high-maintenance old cat I was forced to adopt from my grandmother, knowing I desperately need to clean my room, and then realizing I have another packed day of school and work tomorrow. If this day is the norm for me (which it is), I really need to learn to cope with stress better so I don’t face health issues down the road.
    3. I find I feel most productive yet relaxed at night when the household is asleep. Apart from exercising and riding my horse (sometimes this is stressful if she is being difficult), which I usually do in the daylight, most of my coping mechanisms are employed at night- I might have a cup of tea, meditate, read, and vent about my day or worries to friends or my sister if need be.
    4. I imagine my stress level will remain relatively the same after graduation. It may decrease after the whole ‘uncertain future’ thing is solved at least temporarily, but all new issues that come with independence, likely adjusting to a new city, trying to make new friends, finally understanding the implications of a real, fulltime job, possibly starting a new family, paying bills, and more will bring a similar degree of stress into my life.
    5. Firstly I hope to prevent dealing with such circumstances in the future by avoiding the behavior or the situations that caused the stress in the first place. It’s true that some things can’t be prevented by my personal actions, but if I experience another problem like a family death I will try much harder to not let everything else collapse around me. I need to change my mentality from “it’s already bad who cares if it gets worse” to “this may be affecting a part of my life, but there is still a chance to do well and experience happiness in other aspects if I don’t give up”. Other than that, all I can do is turn to my support system of family and friends and attempt to channel the stress into productivity through hobbies, exercise, work, or school. Oh, and I can always just spend some time with my dog.
    6. Well, one issue is that stress is linked to illness and illness causes, among other things, an increase in medical waste and landfills for which we are running out of space. Also, people under stress cannot function to the best of their abilities nor can they make decisions as clearly and as we’ve learned, mental clarity and focus is a key tool in making sustainable life choices. Finally, on a broader level, the human race is less sustainable as a whole if we begin to die more quickly, which is a risk greatly increased with high levels of stress in daily life.

  13. Brittany Biggers says:

    1. College Undergrad Quiz: 1,122
    After College Stress Management Test: 140

    2. I do not think stress has had a big impact on my body so far. Yes, I do experience stress, but I do not yet see any negative impact it has had on my body. I can see how if my stress levels do not change then there might be consequences in the future.

    3.Currently, I manage stress by listening to music and doodling. It also helps a lot to confide in close friends about what stressful things are going on in my life. I find that having a good social support system has always been one of the major stress relievers in my life.

    4. I think that after I graduate my stress levels will increase. As of now, I only have a part-time job while my parents mostly support me. But they have already given me the talk about how I am going to be on my own after graduation. This means that for the first time I will be the one responsible for all of my bills. I can definitely see this adding stress in my life. Also, after taking a year or so off to just work I plan on going to graduate school. This will be another event in my life that will cause enormous amounts of stress due to application fees, taking the GRE, whether or not I get accepted anywhere, etc.

    5. When thinking about stressful situations in the future I am comforted by knowing that I have been through stressful situations in the past and have made it through and became a better person for it. I know in the future (if I’m lucky) I will still have the amazing social support system to have my back when things get crazy. Plus, in the future I won’t be in school so I will actually be able to do some pleasure reading instead of just reading for class, which is also a great stress reliever.

    6. Stress has a lot to do with sustainability in the built environment. First of all, living in a sustainable environment reduces stress by definition. Secondly, your built environment is what causes the majority of stress in your life. By being aware of sustainability in your built environment then you can affectively decrease your stress levels and improve your overall health.

  14. Melissa Worth says:

    Quiz 1: 1290

    Quiz 2: 47 (35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years)

    Both of my results were pretty much what I expected, but I think that on the first quiz, there were a lot of questions that I don’t necessarily think contribute to my stress For example: I don’t have any issues speaking in front of a class. I think it’ll be interesting to see how my score develops on Quiz 2 over the next several years though.

    2. Stress does affect me from time to time. For example: my jaw will start locking up or I will begin biting my gums right before a big exam. But overall, I think I manage my stress very effectively & outside of school, I don’t think I’ve had too many stress-inducing events in my life.

    3. I try not to pay too much attention to my grades. While I
    know that they’re important, I try not to get too upset when I don’t do as well as I would have liked. Also, my accounting professors are always stressing to us the importance of having a life outside of accounting, so I do not do any homework on Fridays or Saturdays. Also, to unwind & clear my mind, I like to play the piano & practice yoga. Both help me to channel my stress into something more productive.

    4. From what I’ve heard, accounting is a very stressful profession—especially during busy season. But this isn’t something new to me, and I think that my previous life experiences have well-prepared me to continue to effectively manage my stress. Also, at KPMG, we start with 5 weeks of vacation, so that should help me to relieve stress & to maintain a proper work/life balance.

    5. I don’t want to think too much about how I would handle
    these situations because thinking about the future can induce stress for me, but I think it’s important to recognize that these are possible events that I will encounter over the next several years. Also, I think it’s really important for me to remain present & to be able to understand when stress begins to manifest itself, that way I can seek help & continue to channel that stress into something I enjoy.

    6. I think you’ve asked us to discuss stress in a sustainability class because stress is directly related to many illnesses, and many people argue that you can’t have a healthy earth without a healthy you. My thought is if you don’t care enough to take care of yourself & to manage your stress levels, do you care enough to improve the quality of life for future generations?

  15. JoAnn M says:

    1. For quiz 1, I scored 1,267, which was above average. This was at no surprise to me….. My husband and I just bought a home last year, got married, I commute an hour one way to work and school everyday of the week, AND I’m in my senior year of college. For quiz 2, I scored below average though? My score for it was a 126. The results were that I had a 35% chance of illness or accident within the next two years. I think I liked that test’s results a little better ;-), but I do think quiz one was more relevant and accurate to my life.

    2. I definitely believe stress affects my body every day and in EVERY way. Stress in my life is like a chain reactor. I may start the day with a lot of things to do. I therefore hurry, which in turn makes me forget things. When I forget things I have to take more time to fix my mistakes, the same time I was already short on. It seems like a never ending ripple effect. It effects my sleep habits, my wellness, and even my relationships. The more stressed I am, the less friendly I tend to me. Today was fairly unstressful fortunately. I did only have to deal with one class and no work though. Tomorrow will probably be a different story =).

    3. To manage my personal stress, often times I have to take time to allow my self to calm down. I often stop and take deep breathes and most commonly I stop to pray.

    4. I believe after school my stress will decrease. It is such a hassel for me to drive an hour, one way, everyday to school. I’ve always taken a full load while working 30 plus hours a week. I really look forward to just working a forty hour work week. I will have SO much more time on my hands and also be making more money (hopefully), which will allow some of my financial stresses to be less of a burden. Having more time, I will be able to relax a little more and also spend my time doing more things that I actually enjoy, like being with my family.

    5. I learned through the quizzes that some events at this point in my life are just unavoidable, like being married lol, driving, going to school, and working. Confrontations with friends is an I’m really trying to be better about. I’m currently trying to learn not to take so many things to heart. I think being more focused on what I am doing versus what’s going on with everyone elses life around me will help lower my stress level. I also think by getting more rest, I will feel less stressed, just by being better rested.

    6. Stress can affect everything we do. In the grand scheme of things it can shorten your life. If we are trying to sustain an environment around us, it must start with sustaining our own lives. Stress can personally make me less careless. To sustain efficiently, we must be conscious of the decisions we make and their consequences.

  16. Hannah Greenberg says:

    1. Quiz 1:409
    Quiz 2: 46- 35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years

    2. Yes, very much so. If you talked to any close friends or family of mine, one of the first things they would describe me as is stressed. It affects me in several ways. First, it makes it very difficult to sleep. I get an average of probably 5-6 hours of sleep at night because of this. It also makes me do poorly on tests. I get so stressed and nervous before them that I often forget the material and sometimes get sick.

    3. One thing that I do that my doctor recommended to ease my stress is to make to-do lists. Specifically, it is helpful to make them at night for what I need to do the next day. This will allow me to fall asleep faster. Also, I do not drink as much coffee before exams because coffee makes me more nervous and stressed. Other than these tactics, I do not do anything to prevent stress (however I should!)
    4. Surprisingly, I think my stress will decrease. I think a lot of people would have an opposite answer. I think mine will because college life does not provide you with a stable schedule. It is ever changing, which causes me stress. I think a regular routine focused on one thing, my job, will make me a lot less stressed. I also think that stress stems from things you are not as knowledgeable about. In my case, this would be random classes I am taking. However, when I have a job, hopefully I will be confident and knowledgeable in the field.

    5. With the majority of the things in that list, I think maturity and experience will help me prepare. I do not think there are necessarily specific things you can do to prepare for death or divorce, but I think as we age and learn, we find different ways to cope with things such as this. As far as financial issues, I will start saving. Further, I will make sure my job has a good retirement/savings plan. I will also try to be frugal in my first years in the real world.

    6. I think the reason for this discussion is because part of sustainability is living one’s life to the fullest in a healthy way. Stress is one thing that can majorly affect your life. It affects your health in many ways. In my case, I get sick every 4-6 weeks. This is because I do not sleep, therefore I get sick. I also think that some people when under stress often do things to distract themselves such as eat or shop. These can lead to unsustainable activities.

  17. Laney Haag says:

    1. I scored a 973 on the first quiz and a 71 on the second quiz, which means I have a 35% chance of an accident or illness within 2 years.

    2. Yes I think stress affects my body on a daily basis. I am taking 16.5 hours this semester plus a 4-hour credit online class so I am going to be dealing with an abundance of stress during the next few months. Since I have moved out of my core classes and into my upper level classes I have noticed I rarely sleep through the night without waking up at least two or three times. I believe this is a result of stress.

    3. I have found this best way to deal with stress is to plan ahead. At the beginning of the semester I take out my desk calendar and my planner and try to write down every date that I have assignment due or an exam in one of my classes. This way when I am at my desk most of my due dates are right in front of my face and this almost forces me to figure out when is this best time to work on them. I also tend to call my mom or one of my sisters when I am feeling stressed out. Talking things over with them always helps me feel less on edge.

    4. I think my stress level will increase once I graduate. Everyone knows that the process of finding a job in this economy is not an easy feat. I am already finding stress in having to make my resume, trying to find an internship, applying for jobs, going into interviews, etc. After graduation I am also going to have to deal with moving which is always stressful. Once I get a job (fingers crossed), figure out my living situation, and start the new job I anticipate my stress levels to decrease.

    5. Once I begin my job I am going to have to work on showing up on time, keeping up with my workload, and creating good relationships with my coworkers. I will also have to find a place to live where I can afford the rent or mortgage each month. Since there are a lot of things that are out of my control on the quiz (especially the ones listed at the top), I think these two precautions would help me the most.

    6. I think you have us discussing stress in a class about Sustainability and the Built Environment because it affects our bodies more than we realize & in return affects the environment. Stress majorly affects our health, so to be healthy we need to learn how to manage our day-to-day stressors. Once we learn how to take care of ourselves, including our stress levels, we can focus more on our built environment.

  18. Samantha Morton says:

    1. I was shocked at how high my scores were. For the first quiz I scored a whopping 1549, and a 276 on the second. I would like to think my scores are skewed abnormally high because the last 12 months of my life have been especially packed with stressors, good and bad. My summer job put the liability of people’s safety in my hands. The test encompassed things negative and occasionally positive. Therefore, it isn’t like all this stress is derived from detrimental things. Going on a first date added 57 points to my score, as well as starting a new semester (58 pts). I guess I did not truly view all these major changes as stressors- but rather as more exciting changes in my life.
    2. Stress has definitely taken a toll on my body. I’m only half way through my sophomore year, but what I can asses from my freshman year is very telling. Looking back on last year I got sick more times in the past year than I have in my entire life. However, I can probably attribute that to the communal environment of college dorms. Secondly, I gained a little weight. I know that scientific research can connect stress with weight gain.
    3. To deal with stress my first move is to put headphones in and listen to some good good music. Secondly, I head over to ramsey and throw on some climbing shoes. Climbing is a great for me because it is something I truly enjoy. I tune out the rest of the world and just focus on reaching the next hold. Each next step up is a mini accomplishment- which is great for those days when I feel like I can’t do anything right.
    4. Unfortunately, I feel like my stress will continue rising, if not stay at the already high point it’s at now. I cannot see my self settling down any time soon, and so according to these tests the constant movement and shifts in a person’s life are sources of stress. Plus, graduating college means increased responsibility. There are days when I feel so stressed out, but then I remember I’m still just a kid. I can’t imagine the stress my parents undergo with paying bills and keeping up with a house, work, and two kids.
    5. I think its important to remember that what we deem as stressful is all relative. To build of my previous answer I just need to remind myself that I’m still just a kid. I’m still a teenager (at least for the next two months.. yikes). Although, I’m starting to have to deal with financial things, housing things, and larger responsibilities, my parents are still there for support. I would like to think I am an independent individual but I really should reach out to my parents more for support because they have years of experience over me. I don’t have to take it all on by myself.
    6. Stress is a direct link to our health, and in your words “an unhealthy society leads to an unhealthy environment”. If we want to protect our environment and lead healthier lifestyles the two cannot be viewed as separate of one another. After all, once our health starts failing we as a people turn very introspective and self-concerned. We become very aware of our own bodies and not much outside of that. In a healthy state of mind and body we can begin to focus on progressing our natural environment’s health. That is one opinion. Another aspect is our health is a direct reflection of our environment. In the most basic sense if we live in a house lined with asbestos in the insulation, mold in our hardwood floors, and a leaky roof our bodies will get sick. In the larger picture, if we live in an area dominated by crime, smog, and other stressors our health will directly depict that.

  19. Danielle McDaniel says:

    1. Quiz 1: 428
    Quiz 2: Below 150- 35% of an illness or accident in the next two years
    2. I definitely think that stress takes a toll on a person’s body. Depending on how bad I am stressing out, it can cause me not to be able to sleep well during the night, because I am usually thinking about whatever I am stressed about. Other than that I try to manage my stress.
    3. I will usually try not to let it get to the point where I feel really stressed out, I don’t like the way I feel when I am stressed about something. I am trying to learn to manage my time better, with my major multiple projects are assigned and it is easy to get stressed out by them. I have read that exercising can help reduce stress and usually after a workout I feel better about myself.
    4. Unfortunately I have a feeling that my stress level will increase. Due to the competition I will face in my career. Also just having to actually live in the real world, not going to school anymore will be a huge adjustment since I have been in school practically my entire life.
    5. I really have no idea how I will handle it. I have a pretty strong support system in my family and those I love. I am sure working on my time management will be something that follows me throughout my life.
    6. On top of everything in our life’s that causes us stress, learning about sustainablilty and how it affects us could easily become just another thing to stress about.

  20. Clair McClure says:

    1. Quiz 2 Score: 202; 51% chance of illness or accident
    2. I don’t think stress is particularly affecting my body today, but there has been a higher amount of stress over the past few weeks. Starting back to school in the Ph.D. program along with not having a job, has definitely contributed to my stress level overall. I worked as a graduate assistant for the past two years and that was a form of built in employment with the security and assurance of getting paid and managing responsibilities in conjunction with my ongoing school work. Now, I am in a position of looking for a part time position and applying for jobs. I feel the pressure of this especially being married and feeling an urgency to secure employment so I am in a position to share the burden with our responsibilities.
    3. In the past I have struggled quite a lot with anxiety and depression due to very significant life changes (i.e. death of a family member and planning for marriage). In each of these instances I began seeing a psychologist. It was a way for me to discuss my struggles with an outside person who was in turn able to give me good tools to handle my stress and anxiety. One main thing is I try to identify the cause of my stress. When I know where the stress is coming from and why, it does not seem so huge and is much easier to work through. I also have to ask myself, “is this a crisis or is it just uncomfortable?” because there is no point in treating an uncomfortable situation like a crisis. It only increases my stress level.
    4. I can definitely imagine after I have completed my Ph.D. stress could increase. There will be the pressure of finding a position as a professor at a university, and most likely a major move. This will be a huge change from basically being a student to now teaching the students. Also considering I am married there will be another person to consider when I finish my education. We will have to make these major decisions together which on one hand will mean I have a built in support system with a partner but there will also be limitations. Will we want to purchase a home? Will he be able to find employment wherever I find a job? What about children? I can see how there will be even more stresses which may arise after school. I think it will be important to prepare for this ahead of time, knowing that stresses will come and not letting it completely overwhelm me.
    5. The first thing I would want to do is be aware the stresses are coming, because as much as we can anticipate how a situation may affect us, there is no way of fully knowing how stressful something will be until we are in it. Being aware beforehand would help during the situation. I think it would be necessary to be healthy overall as well (eating habits, exercise, sleep, emotional health). When these things are in place I think it is a good combatant for stress. I also see a the importance of talking with others about your stress whether it is a professional, friend, parent, or partner. For me talking about stressful situations with others has greatly decreased my stress level and helped me compartmentalize my anxiety so I am in a position to handle it in a healthy way and not let it overtake me.
    6. It is important to keep ourselves healthy first so we may create a healthy and sustainable environment. Just as last week we discussed life expectancy and how our physical health is very important to sustainability in the built environment, stress is something we must consider. We need to know how it affects our bodies and our emotions. In this way we remain individuals who can contribute to overall sustainability.

  21. Aubrey says:

    1. My score for the first quiz was 1228, and 158 for the second. 51% illness or accident. Although I knew my score would be high because I have had a lot of changes in the last year, its always shocking to think of each incident listed one after the other and then to see an actual collective number.

    2. I think stress is definitely affecting my body. Lately when I have anxiety I can actually feel a physical weight in my chest. Also, I feel exhausted when I have no reason to be, I think that is most likely an affect of stress.

    3.I have, lately, been trying to pay more attention to how I handle stress so I can come up with new ways to deal with it. What I have noticed is that I tend to bottle things up. I have little ways of trying to ease things like smoking, having a drink or eating ( I have quite the sweet tooth). It becomes harder to control or moderate these habits when there is a trigger.

    4. I think this is a good question because many times in life we get caught up in the though that “things will get better” without ever really changing any habits. If I continue to deal with stress by easing it in small amounts with some kind of fix, I’m sure that my stress levels will only increase. College is a funny time of in-between. You are trying to act like an adult but many times were still partially or fully dependent on our parents for financial support. The older we get, the more things change, and likewise the reasons for stress change. When I look at the list of stressors on the list many of them seem likely for my future, but what I am hoping is that I can find ways to cope so that the levels don’t increase.

    5. I’d like to employ some new techniques, number one being physical exercise and number two being some form of meditation. also little tools like deep breathing help. One other major change I’d like to make is dealing with time management issues and procrastinating. Preparing ahead of time and leaving on time are so important and would decrease my stress levels dramatically.

    6. I think we’re discussing stress because if we want to think of sustainability we have to start at the bottom. Our well-being is the root of what can be a potential positive chain reaction. First our bodies, then our families, collective groups, homes, cities and so on. I think it has a lot to do with good energy. People who have a reason to be happy will also want the world around them to reflect that health and happiness. The way we do this is through implementing policies and practices that make our environments suitable and condusive to this all around feeling of well-being

  22. yvetteguilbeau says:

    1) On the Undergraduate Stress Quiz I scored a 1,582. On the After College Stress Quiz most of the questions did not really apply to me, except for observing Christmas in the past year, so my score was only a 12, which was in the 35% range for stress related injury or illness.
    2) I think stress is definitely affecting my body today. It probably takes some sort of toll on my body most days. I don’t think my life is particularly overly stressful, or much more stressful than my peers, but I do have certain things that stress me out recently. My parents’ separation and divorce has added a lot of extra stress to my college years. My dad left my mom in January of my freshmen year and that added a lot of stress to an already extremely stressful year of my life: I had left my home near New Orleans, La and moved to Athens to go to UGA. It was a huge adjustment, leaving home, making all new friends since I didn’t know anyone when I came here, and starting college which is stressful enough. My parents divorce has gotten easier, but my dad continues to make the situation stressful for me, especially now that he is engaged. I am also recently stressed about trying to graduate from school by the end of may and do an internship for my major by august.
    3) I am not sure that the ways I handle my stress are particularly healthy. I do not lose sleep over stress, I instead tend to hibernate or hide from my stress by oversleeping. If I get really upset or really stressed about something I sleep more. I would like to start channeling my stress into different methods like exercise, instead.
    4) I think it is possible that my stress will increase at the very beginning of my post graduate life, but I think it will then decrease. It may be stressful to find a job and figure out where I want to settle down living at first, but once I do I will be making my own money to support myself and will not have to rely on my parents, particularly my father, for financial support. When I can handle my relationships with my parents without financial components it will be much less stressful for me.
    5) I think it is important now for me to strengthen my relationships and learn how to work on them and manage them when things become difficult. I’m not really sure what else there is to do when stressful life events like those happen, except for be prepared by having strong relationships and maintaining a healthy lifestyle before, during, and after those events.
    6) I think you have us discussing stress in this class because sustainability has a lot to do with people. One part of sustaining our future generations is by first sustaining ourselves. If I can learn how to manage my stress, I can be a happier, healthier and overall better person living on the earth, and that has an effect on the earth. I can also pass that type of sustainability on to my children, hopefully in a positive way. If I can manage my stress and my relationships I can provide a happier and healthier environment for my children and maybe they won’t have to deal with as much stress as I do now, or they will be better at dealing with it.

  23. Maggie Benoit says:

    1. QUIZ 2 – 227 (51%)

    2. Do you think stress has or is affecting your body today?
    It’s hard to consider a life void of stress. The nature of the beast is seemingly unavoidable. And, although the implications of this assailant take a perilous toll on the infrastructure of both the mental and physical body, we seem to continue extending invitations for such strains to accompany our daily routines. Stress is an ever-alluding catch 22. In terms of my own life, there are certainly ways in which I could take a stance to diminish this intruder, yes. But then there is this irking contention with the knot in my stomach that pushes me to keep “doing.” This knot is representative of a need to create. We have all felt it before. It is this thing that grips us, irritates us almost. It won’t go away until acknowledged and dealt with accordingly. The itch ignites a ball of energy in us that will not settle until it has met its match – an outlet, a passion, a creation that grants resolve. So then, as I face this thing ignited in me I also must come to terms with a necessary question: how can one “have it all” and simultaneously attain a level of simplicity that supports ease to our senses, how can one strive, and yet underachieve when gnawing at unrealistic expectations of self. This debate in-and-of itself knocks with a steady repetition in my mental dialogue. This “chatter” alone presents a strain and impinges on my ability to regulate at a healthy state of healthy calm. I swing the dangling ball on the pendulum and tap my toes in anticipation of the pending balance. Even still, as I strive for the balance, there is still a level of jumping and reaching and concern for that which has not been attained. Here, there lies and inquiry about a need for more or an acceptance of what is (even while that “what is” is preparing itself for more.) This consideration alone takes its toll. Though I have been mindfully aware of the need to slow this mental race, I also think that desire often goes unmet. I may be aware of, and have a desire for, certain changes that would lessen the platter of obligations (that I create for myself, mind you), there is something in me that keeps going, something in me that keeps doing, something in me that keeps chasing after that knot. As I write this a disconcerting image comes to mind. I vision a restless gerbil quickening his steps on an infinite wheel. Quantifying these measures on the body, I’m sure, would certainly mark the need for regulating change at a level of urgency. The numbers and the facts provide a map of initiative and lay the platform for heeding proper attention to the stresses in one’s life.

    3. What things do you do now to manage stress? Yoga is a great outlet for my relief from stress. It allows for recalibrating a sense of balance. It is a stride taken towards equilibrium. It is the time that I am most aware and also able to shut off a great dear of the chattering discourse that otherwise rumbles in my head. Cooking is another way I like to relax. It’s a time that I allow myself to push everything else aside. Also, I am getting into the practice of implementing the word “no” into my personal dictionary. This word is powerful artillery to have on one’s side while fighting the pressures of the situations, and people, and cultural thrusts that we come up against. Also, I recently had an epiphany. Something went “click” and I am finally opening my eyes to the light…MORE SLEEP! It truly does make me a saner individual…for my sake…and the sake of those around me,

    4. Do you think after school your stress will increase or decrease as you enter the job force, develop complex relationships, etc? My response to this is a double edge sword. While progress compels a level of greater responsibility on the horizon, I also feel that my ability to handle those responsibilities sensibly becomes more and amore refined as I challenge the tone of my awareness. In other words, I am becoming more in tuned with myself, my environment, and furthermore, my place in my environment. So, as my maturity demands dynamic movement forward, I myself become more vigorously engaged, and thus slowly evolve. This evolution outfits my capacity to “deal.” And with such development, I slowly become more and more equipped to handle challenges – that once seemed insurmountable – with a incremental echelon of ease.

    5. Consider the things on the test management test – how will you prepare to lower your stress if and when you encounter those events? These propositions present two considerations: tension and change. Without these two factors, stagnancy persists. More or less, all of the scenarios inquired about here instill a great deal of tension. So, in a way, these struggles are almost necessary factors that contribute to our understanding of how best to not only react, but respond to life’s curve balls in a manner that is both conscious and competent.

    6. Why do you think I have you discussing stress in a class about sustainability? Because being aware of stress and the power it has to impact our lives, in a way is a initial step towards living a responsible life. If we are not responsible with how we manage our many obligations, mental considerations, etc, the long-term implications begin to stack up in a way that can’t be reversed. Thinking about sustainability in these terms implies thinking ahead, preparing one’s self.

  24. Danielle Ruble says:

    1. My first score was 1590. I had a very stressful semester last semester and it very much affected my health and every aspect of my life. I was in the 35th percentile.
    2. Stress has most definitely affected my body. Although it is very personal, last semester I lost 10 pounds completely from stress. 10 lbs is quite a bit when you only weigh 120 to begin with. My doctor was very concerned and i had to drink protein shakes.
    3. I do not handle stress well. I tend to turn towards unhealthy habits, such as smoking when I am stressed. Although I know this only makes me feel guilty and ultimately worse, I have associated cigarette smoking with my time to be alone and think, so when I am worried I tend to want to do that. I also find it hard to get out of bed or exercise.
    4. I think I will be stressed at first when I graduate because it will just be such an important change in my life. I know change can sometimes cause me alot of stress, even though it shouldnt because I have had many changes in my life. When I was younger I moved around, and lived in 7 different states.
    5. I would like to begin exercising, eat healthier, and stop procrastinating. I would also like to be less passive in my personal relationships. Sometimes I feel like I let people walk all over me and then build up resentment and anger.
    6. I think stress is important to discuss because it affects our personal life and health a great deal. I was speaking to a friend who is a medical student and he said, “Stress basically causes EVERY ailment.” Also, when we are stressed, we can rarely focus on other things. When you are so wrapped up in our problems, it is hard to think about sustainability and how to help the planet. Stress makes you become very self obsessed and selfish, so you don’t really care about your nonexistent children and children’s children when your problems seem to be as big as a mountain.

  25. Danielle Ruble says:

    (I dont know why it says this was posted at 4:30, it was actually 3:30)

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