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2 Great Events Coming Up

Hi All,

I get the weekly listserve updates from the Office of Sustainability here on campus and below are a couple events that stood out to me as being incredible!  And sure, if you participate, I would very much give some extra credit points, I think both the C2C and the Job Conference (expensive though unless you volunteer) are worth checking out.

6.      C2C Fellows Conference

The workshop focuses on developing key individual skills that will be required to effectively lead into a sustainable and just future such as public speaking and fundraising. C2C Fellows is a national network for aspiring sustainability leaders. Workshops will be held at the University of Georgia, February 10-12. UGA students canregister for free.

7.      Good Jobs, Green Jobs South

This multi-city conference is a two-day event in Atlanta (February 23—24) that will feature a variety of workshops focused on building a green economy and creating green jobs. Featured workshops include, “Growing Jobs in Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Wind Projects in the Southeast” and “Innovative Transportation Financing for the 21st Century.” Volunteers are also needed for the event. Details.   *I contacted the conference and asked about “student rates” and was told if you volunteer for 6 hours you will have your registration fees waived.  Ask Megan for the contact info if you are interested.

AND this is not an event, but I didn’t know of this option – love this:

12.   Yellow Pages Opt-Out Program

Tired of receiving the often underutilized phonebook at your home or business? Well, now you can reduce the clutter and save some trees too.Opt-out of the service. If you like receiving the Yellow Pages, the website listed also offers tips on recycling your old directories.


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