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Sustainability and the Built Environment

Ideas for Project

You should be brainstorming ideas for your final project at this point in the semester. Your proposal is due Feb 9, Thursday.  If you are feeling stuck, I recommend 2 things (1) Look through some of the websites below and see if anything stimulates your interest/creativity, and (2) come see me this week to brainstorm ideas.

Look through  This site was co-founded by Adriene Greiner (played Vinny on Entourage).  This site welcomes people to send in articles/content.  I think for those of you looking at law school or jobs in media that being published by a site with a professional editor is excellent for your resume.

Also, like shft, is Inhabitat (submit a story link) and my thoughts are the same as above that you should use this project opportunity as a chance to advance your career possibilities.  If you think back to Natalia Allen, she was designing for major companies while in college

And if you need more inspiration, a story like this one about Plastic Free Campuses might motivate you to act on one of your ideas.

I love those fashion websites where they go into people’s closets and you can see their style,  I could see something like creating a tv show idea where you are the “sustainable fashion expert” and you go into people’s closet and show them how to wear their garments in multiple ways to show them options for few clothes but more style options.  You could do a 30 min show on developing the concepts of what is sustainable fashion, maybe interview an expert? This could make for an interesting team project?   Ohhhh, ohhh….you could have a discussion about what exactly does sustainability in fashion mean? Is it product, process, consumption?

Lastly, why not try to go viral with something in video form for those of you that like to be in front of the camera?  For instance, the video A Vision of Students Today was made by students for a class project and it went viral.  It has an interesting social message and people were interested in hearing what students had to say.   Do you have anything you want to say?


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