Sustainable You

Sustainability and the Built Environment

For Fashion Merchandising Students

Since we have a good number of Fashion Merchandising majors in the course this semester, I am going to start this thread on giving you info on sustainable fashion. The first place I will start is to give you a SUSTAINABILITY RELATED REFERENCES (click on that link).  Feel free to come see me if you need assistance accessing some of the journal articles.  The Beard article, Winge article and the Thomas article are great reads for introduction to the topic.


A while back, I was reading a great article in about the backlash of eco-fashion due to the lack of focus of the movement. The article is saying there is not a clear message of the eco-fashion movement and that everyone defines it differently. This is such a great discussion piece they’ve brought up here because it is true that any modern eco-movement lacks a black and white clarity due to the nature of sustainability, but it probably isn’t reason enough for the fashion industry to sour on the idea on eco-fashions. It seems this issue really needs to be discussed and dealt with in the fashion industry before people sour on the idea of eco-fashion.

In fashion, Green is Not the New Black: The Sustainable Fashion Backlash



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