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4900/6900: Wk 9 Spring Break

No Response Required by March 8. Both students in 4900 & 6900 will automatically receive 5pts in honor of the upcoming Spring Break. In other words, you have no post for Wk 9, but you will receive points – wow, neat, neato!

REMINDER:  Thursday, March 8th class will meet at Ecology Auditorium.

Here is the information on the event we will attend on March 8th instead of coming to class. Please meet me at the location, I will be out front of the auditorium between 3:10-3:25 so you can submit your Final Project Progress Report.

About the Talk:  Climate and Society and Oceans and Human Health Lecture Dr. Kris Ebi will give a lecture on March 8 at 3:30 in the Ecology Auditorium. Dr. Ebi is the Executive Director of the IPCC Working Group II technical support unit (WG II deals with impacts and adaptation to climate change). She is a leader in assessing climate change impacts on health and resources and has had a career evaluating climate change adaptation and their co-benefits.


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