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Study Finds Sperm Counts Lower due to Toxins

In line with health and the built environment, this Finnish Study has found that sperm counts are down for males born after 1980 and that testicular cancer rates have increased. The scientists suggests environmental toxins as the researchers explains: “The fact that sperm counts have dropped so quickly, and mirrors the increase in the incidence of testicular cancer in Finland, suggests that the effect is probably environmental. He added: “The best working theory we have to explain why sperm counts may be declining is that chemicals from food or the environment are affecting the development of testicles of boys in the womb or in their early years of life. “However, the effect on their sperm production only becomes apparent when they pass through puberty and eventually try to become fathers. “This inter-generational effect makes it difficult to study but it is clear that more research is needed to identify dangerous chemicals so that we can try remove them from the environment and protect future generations.”

It is research such as this that makes me BEG you to please begin or continue paying attention to the possible toxins around you in your built environment.

Study Finds Sperm Counts Lower due to Toxins


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