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The What and Why of Buying Organic Foods

Here is a great article on what and why to buy certain products organic.  For most people, there is no need to eat fully organic, in fact, I think that would be impossible!  However, there is evidence that it there are a handful of fruits and veggies, meats and dairy that we should eat organic.   And that babies and adults with compromised immune systems should pay extra attention to making organic selections.

Here is how I see it — if you have young kids/or pregnant, or you have an adult that is sick (like major disease, not a head cold) then it is good to go the organic route.  For children it is important to limit their exposure to pesticides and animal growth hormones for various reasons such as early onset puberty.


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  1. Leigh Frohling says:

    Organic foods are the best since they dont contain so many toxins compared to synthetic feed foods which might contain melamin and some contamination chemical preservatives. “”‘”.

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