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This website in blog format is used for educational purposes in a variety of college level interior design and housing related courses at the University of Georgia, Athens.  If you would like to contact me please email Dr. Megan Lee at


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  1. Doneshia Starling says:

    I am attempting to post my comment for class again. But, I don’t see any comment box to leave my responses for the comment participation.

  2. Corinne Yurewich says:

    I didn’t know if I am supposed to print out my questions and answers to the post or if by commenting with my answers on the blog counted? Sorry, I read the syllabus and couldn’t find anything? Also, if printed do they need to be 350 words or more? Thank You!

  3. Karen Cotton says:

    1. My stress score is 112 which is below 150 which means that there is a 31% chance of illness or accidental accident within 2 years.
    2. I do think stress affects my body. Even though the number for Christmas was kind of low, I felt alot of stress during that time because I had to plan everything, communicate with everyone, shop, wrap, clean and be entertainment. Yes, my husband and kids helped but the weight was on my shoulders.
    3. I felt that stress for Christmas because my father made this happen for years and he passed 16 months ago, therefore, I picked up the torch. I love having everyone together but this year to relieve myself of stress, i will share the love with others. I will divide up the responsibilities with different families and hopefully it will all come together.
    4. I truly believe that after school my stress level will decrease. This is my last semester and I am putting some much stress on myself to get this done now so that I can get rid of this incomplete feeling that I have been carrying around.
    5. I have learned that eating right, exercising, not taking things personally, sharing task, talking things out and thinking positively can reduce stress and I will be doing all of these things so I can reduce the chance of an illness and/or having a accident.
    6. Why am I being asked about stress in a sustainability class is propbably because if I am aware that I am going to be on this earth for a long time then maybe I need to be concerned with is this earth going to be in a livable condition.

  4. Karen Cotton says:

    1. I played the Name That Sin Game
    2. My score was 60%. I got 6 out of 10 correct. My score is not that bad but it should get better as I become more familiar with what to look for on different products.
    3. I think the Sins of Greenwashing website is just ok. I appreciate them defining and giving examples of the seven sins of greenwashing but all of that other data was useless to me, It was too many numbers and it seems as though the information was conflicting.
    4. I definitely think that greenwashing is present in my future career. Southwest Airlines recently unveiled the new Evolve interior on the -700s series aircrafts featuring eco-friendly onboard materials and improved air quality.
    5. I have located 3 items in my house that I believe are sustainable: a) Air Wick Air Freshener which is a partner with National Park Foundation in helping to preserve A merica’s National Parks and it also contains no CFCs which depletes the ozone layer b) Clorox disinfectant spray which contains no CFCs and c) the kroger brand green tea in a plastic bottle which states “please recycle”.
    6. I found greenwashing on the Air Wick label – around the Air Wick words is a green swirl in the shape of the green seal. At a quick glance you would pick up this product because you think it is totally sustainable. The Lysol packaging is legit and the green tea plastic bottle is greenwashing because it has the recycle symbol on it but its something that I must do; not something that they have done like producing the bottle from recycled materials.
    7. Well, I do not feel as though I was tricked because I did not buy the product initiatively for any reason other than what I wanted to use it for. Now I think that I will continue to buy AirWick because it is conscious about sustainability. It addresses the concern with the ozone layer and it is concern about recycle of the can. I probably will not buy the tall can of Lysol because the label committs the sin of hidden trade off. It’s does not address the multiple environment impacts such as the packaging of the spray. The plastic bottle committs the sin of irrelavence due to just having the “recycle” symbol; it does not talk about how this product separates from other spray cans.

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