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Wk 6: Energy Vampire

Response due at the beginning of class on 9/24.

"Buy this attitude - Save Energy" Photo by Orocain

"Buy this attitude - Save Energy" Photo by Orocain

Take a glance at this  media article regarding the fact and fictions of energy consumption. The author,Lori Bongiorno, does a good job breaking down “Energy Vampires: Fact versus Fiction.” I found the information really helpful because I often hear things about what I should be doing, but I don’t really know why I should be doing it, or what is the real benefit, if any. Articles like this make it easier for me to tackle the fact vs. fiction aspect of energy consumption issues.

After reading the article, ponder and share your thoughts with us regarding the following questions:

1. What types of standby power productsfrom the list made by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) did you see that when compared in the ON/OFF status made you want to consider turning them off when not in use?

2. Watch the “Lose your excuse” Commercial running on TV right made by the Department of Energy – Share your thoughts on the commercial (see section energy EXTRAS, then see VIDEOS, the video with April cracks me up). What are your thoughts about these types of PSA (public service announcements)?

4.  Please visit Georgia Power’s page for Home Saving Tips.  Take the “Virtual House Tour” for as many rooms as you like, but definitely for the HOME OFFICE.  Seeing this 3-D rendering and tour of a home office and ways to make it more energy efficient may stimulate ideas for you to show sustainability in your home office perspective for board 3.  What information on the GP website did you read and learn from?

3.  Do you think it is important for you to be  knowledgable on energy consumption issues and solutions when you enter into your future career?


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