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Class 4/7: Change location to Memorial Ballroom


I’ve just realized that we have an EXCELLENT Opportunity to visit a talk on Greenguard Certification at 2pm on 4/7 located on campus.   This is a 3rd party product certifying company that is pretty established and respected, you all will benefit from hearing this information. The function we are attending at 2pm is an all day product expo flyer attached here:  FINAL Expo Invitation-1

Therefore, I’m asking that everyone meet at 2pm in the following location instead of meeting in the classroom:

Memorial Hall Ballroom
Adrinka Lecture Room
101 Sanford Drive

Please send me an email that you’ve gotten this message confirming you know we are meeting at Memorial Hall – Adrinka Lecture Room, or reply with a comment confirmation on this webpost.  Email me if you have any questions.  I’ll walk over to the site around 1:30, if you’d like to meet me to walk over, please feel free.


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2 Responses

  1. Kelsey Queen says:

    I got the email. Also I will probably be meeting outside your office to walk over there.

  2. Evan Durrence says:

    i’ll be there…

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